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18 02 2011

Classic Videogame Series Worms™ Launches Licensing Programme

UK-based brand owner Team17 has appointed licensing agency AT New Media.

For the first time, the hugely popular videogames franchise Worms™ is being offered to licensees, retailers and promoters for a range of merchandise, by UK-based brand owner Team17 Software Ltd. and its worldwide licensing agent AT New Media.

Worms™, which celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2010, is a bestselling, award-winning and hilarious turn-based strategy videogame.

With millions of players and fans, its irreverent mix of ludicrous action-strategy captivates and entertains audiences of all ages worldwide. The games feature colourful, cartoon-style action, cute characters and a variety of hilarious weapons. Players control a small platoon of anarchic yet charming worms across a deformable landscape, battling other computer or player-controlled teams. Since Worms™ was first unleashed into the video-gaming world in 1995, the intrepid invertebrates have been released on over 20 gaming platforms, selling approximately 30 million retail copies to date. The Worms™ brand has been at the forefront of modern distribution trends and has seen sales in excess of 10 million on mobile phone handsets, and also seen huge success on the new digital video-game platforms, with number 1 hits on Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation® Network, Apple’s App Store, and Steam for PC.

Key features of the series include  the ability to customize the worms with a ridiculous array of hats, hair, hands and glasses; its extensive variety of crazy, surreal and hilarious weaponry, ranging from grenades and homing missiles to exploding Sheep, Banana Bombs, the iconic Holy Hand Grenade, and even a mythical Concrete Donkey and its hilarious audio, with a large number of memorable catchphrases and taunts shouted by the worms during the course of battle, such as…”I’ll get you!”, “Revenge!”, “Stupid!”, “Traitor!”, “Incoming!” and “You’ll Regret That!”.

“We are very excited at the prospect of working with licensees, manufacturers and promoters,” says Debbie Bestwick, Managing Director and Co-founder, Team17 Software Ltd., “The Worms™ brand has a vast array of cheeky, funny and cute characteristics, which inspires great merchandise design. It’s something we’ve always been asked to do and now with the superb success of the Worms™ brand across social, digital and mobile gaming platforms we have the freedom and flexibility to pursue the opportunity fully.”

“When you realize that Worms™ does not already have an extensive licensing programme, you are amazed,” says Simon Kay, Business Development Director, AT New Media Limited, “AT New Media is so thrilled to have the opportunity to extend these popular and unique characters into a range of merchandise that ideally suits the consumer market today. We certainly envisage the Worms™ brand being successful in the areas of figurines and accessories, toys, books, plushes, apparel/clothing and even greeting cards.”

For more information and access to a Brand Deck, please click here or any of the images above.

Email Simon Kay via simon@atnewmedia.com or Paul Comben via paul@atnewmedia.com for more information.


AT Project – A New Service from ATNM

23 09 2010

Project Management Services now Available

AT New Media is pleased to announce its new games development project management and audit service, to benefit the licensing and games sectors. AT Project… More information available by clicking here: https://atnewmedia.wordpress.com/at-project/

The company has appointed experienced games development expert John Walsh to run this new division of the Company called AT Project and to instigate full project management relationships with licensors, developers and publishers.

Licensors often lack detailed knowledge and analysis of the technological and financial models of development behind licensed games and apps, for platforms including Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox360, Iphone and Facebook.

AT Project offers a comprehensive solution, including rigorous analysis at the pre-development stage, such as game design, project planning, budget scrutiny, resource gathering and SWOT analysis.  During development, management will include design and budget controls, scheduling, approvals, milestone targets and marketing planning.

It is not just about strategic planning and brokering the deal. AT Project is a full project management service.

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