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24 05 2013

“Find the Gap” – More proof we can deliver for you.

Casper the Friendly Ghost makes his way to the social Slots Craze. Click image to see our "Find the Gap" article.

Casper the Friendly Ghost makes his way to the social Slots Craze. Click image to see our “Find the Gap” article.

A couple of months ago we wrote an article entitled, “Find the Gap”.

If you did not see it you can click on the above link for more info.

Remember that saying, “The proof of the pudding, is in the eating”?

Well, we believe in this and even though not all projects may work out, more often than not we can find the gap and fill it.

Here is another example for you which takes the wonderful Casper brand in to the world of Social Slots.

AT New Media played a fundamental role in bringing this opportunity to bear with both licensee and licensor supporting the initiative from start to finish from a commercial point of view.

This is our role.

We found the gap in the Casper licensing program within the games and gaming genre, and plugged it with great support from all concerned.

If you are a brand owner or a licensee and need support adding to your portfolio of licensees in this sector or a licensee needing support to build relationships with relevant licensors, we could be good for each other.

More information on these services from our Brands and Content divisions can be obtained by contacting us.


“Find the Gap” – Gaming, Gambling, Social, Branding…..

11 02 2013

Many interesting opportunities remain. 

Believe in AT New Media? Contact Us, and see how we can bring your gaming and merchandising together, be that real or virtual. Or both..

Believe in AT New Media? Contact us and see how we can support you

For many years AT New Media has been at the forefront of many trends in the games market when it comes to opportunities to develop branded content.

Whether that be Apps for Kids at the height of that curve, or Online Wagering Slots at the height of that curve, we have been lucky to be involved in many successes.

But often the question comes up, are there any more opportunities?

Well the key is to get in there at the right time.

Many in the traditional merchandise licensing world, where there are plenty of licensing agencies, are not so good at spotting the trends on a proactive basis when it comes to all types of digital content.

This has naturally enabled AT New Media to exploit some gaps.

However, even though the gap is narrowing, we feel that our proactive gap analysis is second to none.

This enables you, with our support, to keep on top of what are always exciting gaps for high quality branded content.

Whether you are a developer or publisher, or a brand owner, with aspirations to leverage these markets more aggressively, AT New Media have a service that can work for you.

Over the years we have worked with licensors, agencies, developers, and publishers of digital content to maximize their plans for the development of branded content.

We have the ability to navigate a multitude of opportunities and find the gaps that will work for you, whether you are looking at branded titles or branded content elements only.

Branded micro content can increasingly be just as successful as branded games, so why not work with us to assist you with your planning and objectives.

There are always opportunities and in a dynamic market that is the digital and gaming space, there is always something interesting for us to work on together and naturally drive revenue growth.

Why not contact us and see what we can do for you.

Helping others move in to the Games and Gaming market…New Release…Part 2

27 11 2012

Supporting new brand licensing ventures in Games and Gaming across the board.

Yesterday we highlighted one of the new online slots gaming products coming to market which have benefited from the support services of AT New Media. Well today, we have another video to share.

So, once again, pictures tell a thousand words…

AT New Media works with developers and publishers, as well as brand owners across the spectrum of games and gaming content.

From smartphone to casino slots and social gaming, our core objective is to find the valuable brand licensing opportunities across all digital games and gaming content sectors.

If you need assistance to drive revenues from this and other associated markets, through branded content, AT New Media has a service to support you.

Whether you are a developer, publisher, brand owner, or licensing agent, our proactive approach to the market and technology means there is probably something we can support you on either now or in the future.

Please contact us for further information on how we may be able to support you.

Think brand licensing in games and gaming, Think AT New Media.

Dario Franchitti shows his commitment to Simraceway

13 04 2012

Shakes down the 2012 Indycar at the Simraceway Performance Driving Center

We thought we would share this image of World Champion Dario Franchitti focusing hard on his driving as Simraceway continues to blur the lines between real and virtual racing.

A project that continues to evolve at a pace.

If you want to be involved in Simraceway and you are involved in the motor racing or automotive industry as a whole, you should contact us to establish what the licensing and marketing opportunities could be for your organisation.

Simraceway now has over 400,000 likes on Facebook. Why not join and find out more. Clicking the image to the left will take you there.

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