Shoot Wagering Slot continues to score..

24 11 2016

Mobile version from Microgaming now available.. Retro Soccer Annuals seen in their prime. Licensor support from AT New Media.

Now in to it’s second season, we hope there is no second season syndrome for the official Shoot annual online wagering slot.

Shoot The Voice of Football Logo

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Just like our beloved AFC Bournemouth, we hope the new mobile versions of the game will continue to be worthy of the Shoot title.

Bringing back memories of footballing greats from yesteryear and an age when you felt you could relate to footballers a lot more than perhaps you might today.

You can play the game on multiple operators and enjoy some classic mini games.

One example can be seen here in the original online version when the game was first released.

Click this text to see the original Shoot wagering slot in action.

We are actively seeking a partner for social casinos, so if you are interested, please do get in touch.

Whether you are a developer, publisher, brand owner or agency, we welcome new interest in the sector and how we may be able to support your objectives.

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#RememberThis: Some of our work in the Casino Slots Market – Can we help you?

29 09 2014

Over the years AT New Media has assisted numerous licensors and agencies with a review of digital games and gaming markets in to which they could license their intellectual property.

As a company we tend to constantly look at the brands that both have and have not been licensed in to any given digital gaming sector and what the potential could be for product development and licensing.

These markets have matured significantly over recent years and thanks to our knowledge of this market we have been able to support the licensing of many other brands in to this sector including but not limited to:

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Contact AT New Media to find out more.

Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds:

AT New Media supported the licensing of this classic music icon at a time when the market had a notable shortage of musical based casino gaming content.

After a successful tendering process, the brand was developed in to a high quality casino game experience.

Within it’s class of gaming content it became a very solid performer across a number of operators across the globe.

The objectives of the client were met very well. The key in this instance was the commitment to develop a quality game experience that was fully engaged with the story and most notably the musical score which of course was also owned by Jeff Wayne himself.

Contact AT New Media to find out more

Contact AT New Media to find out more

Shoot Magazine: 

We have also negotiated agreements on behalf of agencies and consultancies that offer multiple licensing services but which perhaps do not go in to the detail that AT New Media does in the area in which we specialise.

AT New Media thinks through opportunities in a different way and it sometimes takes an external entity to listen to the opportunities, manage the strategy, and deliver the deals.

We have successfully worked with Bulldog Licensing on a couple of occasions and one of these was the timely connection for the Shoot brand and the casino market online.

The Shoot slot was very successful at a time when there was a lack of football specific casino slot games on the market.

Contact Us to find out more

Contact Us to find out more

The Sopranos:

Continuing our work supporting licensing agencies with moves in to new markets, we worked with Rocket Licensing and HBO on the licensing of the Sopranos in to this category.

This was probably the longest licensing process in this sector that we can remember.

With the talent being a core part of the necessary final product it was important for HBO to take the time necessary to deliver all the required clearances.

The final product was worth the wait and something  consumers enjoyed playing.

Sometimes the process of moving a brand in to these markets can be complicated and in the early days of the sector, the legalities were also very important to keep on top of, as indeed they still are today.

All brand owners and agents must be diligent in their approach to this market and all licensees should always be on top of regulation matters in all jurisdictions (have good lawyers too).

Contact AT New Media to find out more

Contact AT New Media to find out more

Battlestar Galactica:

Always on the lookout for a gap in the market as with the examples above, which cover various genres of IP, we also ventured in to Sci-Fi by supporting the licensing of this classic icon.

In this example we again worked with the local sub agent of the licensor to support the education of the parties concerned.

This was successfully done after a period of time and once the relevant talent had been cleared, the game was developed.

Not all casino slots reach the high levels of income that some expect but they still deliver fantastic in game experiences for the consumer.

On the whole, all licensors are pleased with the final products that are delivered within this sector and we hope we can support your brand or clients to move in to the sector too.

Contact AT New Media

Contact AT New Media


Another sector we wanted to explore was the retro game area.

This was successfully delivered through a relationship with Team 17 for the Worms game brand.

The game made a successful transition to the online slots market after a partner was found who understood the brand and the game mechanic needed.

After some quality development time, the slot delivered matched the fun and engagement level of the traditional games the brand was synonymous for.


Finally, AT New Media has also supported exploratory discussions in this sector for brands that are part of the Electronic Arts and Mattel brand portfolios.

Sometimes a commercial deal is not possible due to extenuating circumstances but we do our best to get the opportunities in front of core market potential licensees.


Helping others move in to the Games and Gaming market…New Release…Part 2

27 11 2012

Supporting new brand licensing ventures in Games and Gaming across the board.

Yesterday we highlighted one of the new online slots gaming products coming to market which have benefited from the support services of AT New Media. Well today, we have another video to share.

So, once again, pictures tell a thousand words…

AT New Media works with developers and publishers, as well as brand owners across the spectrum of games and gaming content.

From smartphone to casino slots and social gaming, our core objective is to find the valuable brand licensing opportunities across all digital games and gaming content sectors.

If you need assistance to drive revenues from this and other associated markets, through branded content, AT New Media has a service to support you.

Whether you are a developer, publisher, brand owner, or licensing agent, our proactive approach to the market and technology means there is probably something we can support you on either now or in the future.

Please contact us for further information on how we may be able to support you.

Think brand licensing in games and gaming, Think AT New Media.

AT New Media Brings Broadway Glamour To The Online Slots Market

5 03 2012

Exciting new representation agreement reached.

An agreement brokered by digital specialist AT New Media will see some of the world’s most popular theatrical shows used as the basis for a new range of online games.

Working on behalf of master agent Creative Licensing Group New York, AT New Media has secured the groundbreaking new deal that will hopefully see legendary shows including but not limited to Chicago, Million Dollar Quartet, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Toxic Avenger, and the new musical Ghost, which appears to be Broadway’s next major box office hit, make their debut in the sector through online games such as slots and bingo.

“We are delighted to have facilitated this agreement,” says Simon Kay, CEO of AT New Media, “online gaming customers respond very positively to well known brands and what are some of the greatest stage show brands in the world will work incredibly well in this sector.”

The new deal represents the latest success for AT New Media – which is increasingly viewed as the go to agency for any licensor, licensee, consultant or agent looking to generate additional revenues and exposure through intellectual property licensing in this sector

“Brand owners and their representatives often find it isn’t part of their skill set to deal in certain, if not all sectors of the digital gaming space and that is when they turn to us,” explains Simon Kay. “This new deal is a perfect example of how it works – Creative Licensing could see the potential in digital expansion for their show brands and brought us on board as we are specialists in the online gaming sector – absolutely everything we work on is related to games, gaming, or digital content and we have a wealth of knowledge and experience that is proving invaluable to our partners looking to expand in this sector.”

If you would like to know how AT New Media can help your organisation either license out your brand or acquire brands for your games or gaming experiences, please contact us

Musical Magic from Jeff Wayne – In the Online Casino Gaming Space

3 05 2011

Classic Story, Music and Gaming perform Together…

The fantastic musical adventure that is Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds, which has not only graced the music charts on many occasions and become a global stage phenomena is now available to play in a fantastic casino game and progressing incredibly well.

Play the game now at William Hill here or  see the Paddy Power game here

The game which has also been available on Sky will soon be gracing other major operators’ decks.

If you are interested in developing additional gaming content for this fantastic brand, please contact Simon Kay.

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