Simraceway Competitions continue to evolve…

27 02 2012

Compete in the Lola F3 at Zandvoort….

We will try and keep you up to date with the evolving Simraceway story but the best thing you could do is join the Open Beta youself by going to 

Last week the Simraceway F3 Zandvoort Hot Lap competition started so why not go and try to win the contest.

As the environment grows, there will continue to be new races, locations, and vehicles deployed. 

To enjoy the full experience, you should also purchase the amazing S1 Steering Wheel. If you have not seen it yet, you can see it in all its glory and buy it here on the official Steel Series website.

An amazing deal for the money too… Enjoy…



Simraceway Open Beta ramps up over Holiday Period

11 01 2012

Some great cars available to race in growing online racing environment

We are excited to announce that some of the vehicles licensed for use in Simraceway with the assistance of AT New Media are now available to race.

There are hundreds of vehicles now licensed for release within Simraceway and just a few of those released over the Christmas period should whet your appetite for online racing.

Check out the images of the BMW Z4, Alfa 8C, Dodge Viper ACRX, and Lola F3 for examples of recent vehicle releases all of which are available for purchase now in Simraceway… Just four of the releases over the Festive Period.

If you want to see the fans in action, commenting on the project and the excitement it is creating why not join the Facebook Fan Page where the regular discussions are covered by over 250,000 fans.

Oh yes, if you have not “liked” Simraceway on Facebook, you will have missed the first image of the “Race Truck” which will be touring major sporting events soon and bringing the Simraceway experience to the masses. Check out the initial image that has been released.

Watch this space and naturally the Facebook fan page for Simraceway for regular updates.

If you have not joined the Racing excitement at Simraceway yet, go to – On- and offline expansion for groundbreaking branded social game from CBG

16 08 2011

Exciting Expansion merges the real and virtual gifting World

Click to Join In

On 15th August popular social game Me to You My Place expanded beyond Facebook to enable people of all ages to take part in a safe and educational environment on as new character Tatty Puppy joins the adventure.

Having received much attention from Me to You and My Blue Nose Friends fans on Facebook with over 150,000 players since launching in December 2010, Carte Blanche Greetings, the privately owned leading British greetings card and gifting company, and client of AT New Media (Brands Division), has decided to make Me to You My Place available to all for free or through a subscription based membership on its own freestanding website.

Me to You My Place currently has over 500,000 player interactions within the game and 10,000 shared feed posts every day on the Facebook platform, and 1.3 million Me to You My Place gifts have been shared between players since launch.

Until now only available through Facebook for over 13s, the improved Me to You My Place will offer children the chance to play in a safe environment where they can become Tatty Teddy and embark on their very own adventure to find, nurture and love their favourite My Blue Nose Friends. Me to You My Place will still have the social features that have helped make the game so popular, but now with added parental control. The new gameplay also features a series of educational mini games that will allow children to train their brains in different areas, including arithmetic and memory.

As part of the game extension, Carte Blanche Greetings is also introducing a new character – Tatty Puppy – to the Me to You family.

Even more exciting is the fact that Tatty Puppy will be available to buy as a real-life soft toy with a code that enables fans to unlock the virtual Tatty Puppy in Me to You My Place. The mischievous puppy plays a very different role to the My Blue Nose Friends, which become apparent as the player advances in the game. As Tatty Teddy’s companion on the exciting exploration of the Me to You My Place world, Tatty Puppy will help users discover hidden treasures quicker, aid Tatty Teddy in caring for the My Blue Nose Friends as well as do a trick or two for bonus points.

“With the launch of Carte Blanche Greetings has successfully taken a 15 year old physical presence and made it even more digitally relevant, truly giving its dedicated following a space to claim for themselves and continue to enjoy the brand both offline and online,” says Jocasta Kelsey, Head of Marketing at Carte Blanche Greetings. “This is a fantastic new adventure for both the brands and its community as Carte Blanche Greetings keeps on breaking new ground.”

Developed by Sharkius Games, the free-to-play Me to You My Place incorporates elements of competition, treasure hunt, harvesting, collaborative construction with friends and gift sending. Accessible to all ages, players become Tatty Teddy to embark on a journey to find, nurture and love My Blue Nose Friends. The level of care provided by the player allows them to make Friends for Keeps and to enhance and personalise their experience through a subscriptions based membership, creating an additional revenue stream for the company.

The evolution of this project has been possible through consultation with AT New Media. For more information on how AT New Media can help you with your digital licensing strategy and the merits of its full integration within your merchandising programs, please contact Simon Kay 

Ignite Game Technologies Receives $7.5 Million to Introduce a New Era of Online Racing

14 07 2011

Click for full press release

We thought now would be a good time to share with you the news from our license acquisitions client, Ignite, who released their first press announcement earlier this week.

The article was covered at a base level by Techcrunch, WSJ, Washington Post and various others.

The release itself can be seen in full by clicking the Ignite image above.

This announcement sets the scene for the forthcoming product release next year.

In brief, Ignite feel racing games are “broken”, and need a fresh perspective for the current gaming generation and technology available but more significantly how consumers are purchasing their games experiences.

If you are interested in how AT New Media can assist you with its license acquisition services for multiple brands from all sectors for your game, app, gaming, or other project, please contact us 


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