Alligator Creative Play goes Live with Me to You Colour and Sticker Fun!

22 02 2012

First iPad App is Live under Alligator Creative Play Apps brand….

Me to You: Colour and Sticker Fun! (Click image to left to go to iPad App)..

The lovable Tatty Teddy compliments the perfect app for budding artists!

Use fingertip crayons to colour in beautifully detailed pictures of the adorable grey bear with the blue nose. When you’re happy with your colouring in (and there’s a rubber just in case!) slide the Sticker Maker and hey presto a unique Me to You sticker for your collection!

27 unique sticker outlines and 4 gorgeous backdrops & all the colours – including the rainbow!

Continue the fun by sticking your sticker masterpieces with stickers that never lose their stickiness!

Simple to use, easy to colour, fun to stick and perfect for kids!

The link to the App Store is:!/id503516303?ls=1&mt=8

If you want to know more about the project to develop the Alligator Creative Play Apps identity, Neil Rodol, Commercial Director of Alligator Books, talks about the project here:

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Alligator Books Opens New Creative Play Apps Division – Starts with Me to You

13 02 2012

Children’s publisher launching creative play apps for children based upon its solely owned and third party licensed content. Commences with Me to You.

LONDON – Feb 13th 2012 – Children’s publisher Alligator Books today announces Alligator Creative Play Apps, a division of the company that will now see it publishing creative play apps for children based upon its solely owned and third party licensed content.

Alligator Books has been at the forefront of children’s publishing for more than a decade and it is renowned for its diverse series of fun learning formats ranging from sticker and colouring products, to wipe clean board books, magic mini books, novelty box formats and plush book ranges.

In its commitment to driving innovation and in response to the massive growth of digital publishing and iPad and smart phone use amongst parents and children, Alligator Books will now be utilising its core expertise of creating physical fun learning formats into creating complimentary virtual products that will be available to purchase online.   The company has made significant upfront investment in the launch of the new division and the development of its first app projects.

Neil Rodol, Commercial Director, Alligator Books says, “Publishing in the digital space is a natural step forward for the business.  It allows us to maximise our assets and importantly offers consumers choice.  We sell over 9 million books and 8 million creative play formats a year and all of our printed stock will now be tagged with QR codes that once scanned will bring consumers through to the Alligator Creative Play Store.  This is a fantastic marketing opportunity for our third party brand partners and one that we are sure will drive incremental revenues.”

The first app release from the division is branded Me to You, featuring the endearing Tatty Teddy character behind this

Me To You - Tatty Teddy License info

brand, and it will be the first app project from Alligator, brought together by the expertise of AT New Media, that takes its prominent position in the traditional colouring, activity, and sticker book publishing market in to the World of Apps.  The app, scheduled for release shortly, will be aimed at children aged 3-9 years.  Developed by Oxfordshire based Fairplay Media, the company responsible for Scholastic Inc’s I-Spy series on Nintendo Wii and many other hit games, the Me To You app will include a selection of creative play tasks including colouring in, sticker creation and scene making activities.

Alligator Books has already signed a number of other licenses and will announce the launch of further licensed and generic apps by the end of the year.

This Project could not have come to pass without the expertise of AT New Media and our Project Management Division which has assisted at all levels of this development. If you are interested in how AT New Media can assist you with your project and how you can evolve your core business in to the world of apps or other games or gaming content, please contact Simon Kay 

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Me to You My Place nominated in the Innovation Category at 2011 Licensing Awards

11 07 2011

It is with great excitement that we can announce the Me to You My Place Facebook game has been nominated in the Innovation Award at this year’s Licensing Awards.

Play Me to You My Place on Facebook - Click to play

The event which will take place in September is the annual shindig for the Licensing Business.

The Me to You and My Blue Nose Friends project has been a fantastic one to work on to date and the integrative strategic focus placed on this has been second to none in our minds.

A great benchmark for many other licensing businesses, and we really do hope it wins.

It would be a  coming of age for the licensing industry to look upon such a project in a positive manner.

Of course we wish all the other nominees in the category the best of luck.

Those also in with a shot are:

The Innovation Award

Fifi and the Flowertots Garden Bulbs and Tools, M&G
Jamie Oliver, Junior Jamie Grown Up Kits For Little Hands, Merison
Me to You My Place Facebook App, Sharkius Games
Play That Tune Board Game, Imagination Games
Scalextric Phone and Ipad App, Sabec
Volkswagen T1 Camper Van Tent, The Monster Factory

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Carte Blanche Greetings takes Brand Licensing into the Digital Age – Company to launch Facebook Game.

23 12 2010

Facebook Game Fun for Tatty Teddy and Friends

Click for Official Facebook Game

Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd, the privately owned leading British greetings card and gifting company, and a client of AT New Media, is breaking into new territories with the launch of the first ever social branded game of its type.

The company, which owns the Me to You, My Blue Nose Friends, Violent Veg and Vivacious Veg brands, has licensed Me to You My Place for Facebook.  The game is designed to bring the Me to You story to life in the digital arena by introducing Tatty Teddy and My Blue Nose Friends as characters where players have to find, nurture and love the friends they make.

“This is a groundbreaking move for the company as we enter the Facebook arena with the first game of its kind at a time when social gaming is red hot and developing at a frantic pace,” says Jocasta Kelsey, marketing manager at Carte Blanche Greetings.  “Facebook has a staggering 200 million people playing games, such as Farmville, on its site every month which is more than Playstation, Xbox and Wii combined.  By launching Me To You My Place we are taking the brand’s core sentiments of friendship, love and trust into the digital space and successfully blending the consumers on and off line experiences.”

Launched in 1995, the Me to You brand has grown to become one of the most successful non-media based character brands in the world with circa £500 million in annual retail sales globally.   The inclusion of Me to You in the Facebook game name ensures consistency with the brand’s website domain which has more than 370,000 registered users.  The use of My in the name is also consistent with sister brand My Blue Nose Friends which was developed as an extension of the Tatty Teddy story.

“Me to You My Place works on many different levels as it reflects the established physical brand, is digitally relevant and gives players ownership of the game,” continues Jocasta Kelsey.  “The game will be the first interaction many consumers have with the brand and we have worked hard to ensure that all our communications across many geographies are seamless now and into the future.”

Developed by Sharkius Games, Me to You My Place is free to play and incorporates elements of competition, treasure hunt, harvesting, collaborative construction with friends and gift sending.  Accessible to all ages, players create a customisable Tatty Teddy to embark on a journey to find, nurture and love My Blue Nose Friends.  The level of care provided by the player allows them to create friends for keeps and to enhance and personalise their experience through the purchase and trade of virtual elements for My Place, creating an additional revenue stream for the company.

“We have worked extremely closely with both Sharkius Games and Infomedia to ensure that the personalities and characters of our brands are brought to life in these new digital environments in a style that is true to the sentiments of friendship, love and trust that are key to the success and longevity of the brand, “ adds Jocasta Kelsey.

“In taking a proactive, strategic licensing approach to the digital media market Carte Blanche have engaged specialist licensing agency AT New Media to broker these opportunities in the ever expanding interactive media applications market,” continues Jocasta Kelsey.

“CBG is a company with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and we do not think there is any other brand that could deliver such a solid and authentic social game and bring together the physical and digital experiences as cohesively as Me to You can,” adds Jocasta Kelsey.  “It is a very exciting time in our evolution and we are fully embracing the new technologies that exist to take our story to current fans and new audiences across the world in the digital media.”

Send Love and Laughter on the move with new Me to You E-Card Sender Apps

8 12 2010

Exciting new Apps now Available….

Me To You - Tatty Teddy License info

Send Love and Laughter on the Move with the New Me to You and Violent Veg E-Card Sender Apps

Add magic to your mobile messages .with the New Me to You and Violent Veg Card Sender Apps

Sending a text message or email to say Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday is a nice enough way to show someone you’re thinking of them, but lets face it – it’s not very exciting. Revolutionise your message sending while you’re on the move with the launch of the Me to You and Violent Veg iPhone e-card sender apps, which allow you to instantly send a card via email and add your own personal touch.

The new Me to You and Violent Veg iPhone apps will be available to download from the App Store on 10th and 17th December respectively, with Birthday, Christmas and New Year messages to kick start your card sending frenzy.

All you need to do is go to the App Store, search ‘Me to You’ or ‘Violent Veg’, and click to download. Each app is £1.79 and contains 10 cards that you can send as many times and to as many people as you like. You can even download a LITE version to trial the app for free.

To show that special someone how much you care pick one of the beautifully illustrated e-cards from the Me to You birthday, New Year or Christmas apps.

As well as being able to send e-cards, you can also watch the Tatty Teddy story, view your sent e-cards and buy new e-cards from the app.

If you want to keep them laughing all the way, send a personalised e-card from the Violent Veg birthday, Christmas or New Year app. You can share the hilarious vegetable-based humour gags in an instant plus find out more about the Violent Veg characters and even view a video of how the Violent Veg gags are created.

Both apps are the perfect way for letting family and friends abroad that you’re thinking of them if you have missed the postal deadline. Send a personalised e-card from any of the apps and across the other side of the world your nearest and dearest will instantly receive your message of love or laughter.

Further iPhone apps will be launched in 2011.

AT New Media’s Brands Division are pleased to have worked closely with Carte Blanche Greetings on this and other initiatives to be announced shortly in the build up to Christmas.

Me to You aka Tatty Teddy goes Mobile

27 09 2010

New e-card iPhone app leads Tatty Teddy content deal

InfoMedia Services, the mobile content company, today announced it has completed an agreement with Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd, creators and owners of the Me to You ‘Tatty Teddy’ brand, to deliver mobile content and a new Card Sender Application for the iPhone platform, in a deal brokered by AT New Media.

The Me to You Card Sender is the first in a new series of apps to be launched that will cater for all major occasions in the calendar.  These will include 10 favourite Me to You e-cards that users will be able to send as many times as they wish.

A “trial” version will be released to give users the chance to try the product for free before they purchase the premium, fully functioned version.  Updates for the app will add new features and there are plans to develop for other platforms such as Android.

The Me to You ‘Tatty Teddy’ is one of the most recognised brands on the UK high street.  Product categories range from plush toys and figurines to confectionery and even bikes.  The bricks and mortar retail presence is backed up by a strong online retail offering at

Simon Kay, Business Development Manager of AT New Media said: “Carte Blanche Greetings has been a fantastic example of how to engage our company as a specialist rights licensing agency, assisting Carte Blanche to realise the potential of Me To You in the ever-expanding interactive media applications market.

“This project is the first of many under development which will bring Tatty Teddy into the age of connected interactivity. Carte Blanche has taken a proactive, strategic licensing approach to the digital media market.”

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