Little Princess App featured on Milkshake this week. Great start to the Holidays.

30 07 2013

Chart movement follows Channel 5 feature and social promotion

Get the Little Princess I want to Play app now on iOS devices

Get the Little Princess I want to Play app now on iOS devices

Throughout this week, the official Little Princess iOS app will be featured following the show on Channel 5’s Milkshake Show in the UK. 

Watch this space for more exciting developments with character brands and apps that are both fun and educational over the coming months. 

We are pleased that this app continues to perform and welcome the support of both Channel 5, the Milkshake team, and of course licensor Zodiak Rights. 

If you are interested in finding out how AT New Media can support you in either the development of your apps or through brand license acquisition strategies, please do contact us

If you would like to download the Little Princess app, please click on the image to the left and you will be taken straight to the relevant store to purchase. 

For a limited time only the application is also only 99p. 



Appy Days…. Not every day you have 2 of the top 5 UK paid Kids Apps..

31 08 2011

Great Day for our License Acquisitions Dept and Neon/Jick Jack

Well as the title of this Blog Post says, Appy Days.

We have been busy assisting some core clients with their license acquisitions strategies to mirror their core game or gaming competencies, and one of these is Neon Play and their sister company Jick Jack.

Click to Download!

Jick Jack has been developed purely to focus on the children’s market for apps. Starting with the Apple iOS market, the first two projects targeted after many discussions were Little Princess and Ben 10. These were legitimate targets because of the significance they held in key target markets.

Well today is a great day. It is not every day you work on a project and both of the brands get in to the top 5 paid app charts and more significantly next door to each other at number 4 and 5 respectively.

Click to Download!

Yes, Little Princess I Want to Play is at number 4 today and Ben 10 Onmigames is at number 5. Both from Jick Jack!

Another success story for AT New Media.

If you would like to see more on these apps, please click the images to be taken to the links for the products.

Do you need assistance with your developing brand license acquisition strategies in the games and gaming market? If you do, please contact us 




Little Princess – “I Want to Play” – Now Available for iPhone and iPad

5 08 2011

Fantastic new App from Jick Jack (Part of Neon Play Group)

Birmingham, UK, August 5th 2011.  Jick Jack, an affiliate of Neon Play Ltd, a successful developer of apps for Apple iPhone and iPad, amongst other platforms, has released its first branded children’s application.


In a deal brokered by AT New Media with Zodiak Rights, Little Princess “I Want to Play”, is now available on the Apple App store and is receiving some fantastic feedback. 

Click the image above to review and purchase.

AT New Media (Content Acquisitions Division), who have been appointed by Neon / Jick Jack to seek and secure licences to famous brands and characters on its behalf, are very excited.

Neon Play has published several highly successful apps under its own brand and the move in to the dynamic children’s sector was a natural progression for the business.

If you are interested in how AT New Media can assist you with license acquisitions, please contact us. 

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