Sportacus to Move the App World

9 11 2010

iPhone Apps targeted for January launch

LazyTown Logo

Lazy Town License Info

We are pleased to announce that Sportacus and all his friends from LazyTown will be bringing their message to the iPhone in early 2011.

Traditionally a time of year when many Parents look to get Active, LazyTown and AT New Media want to assist in moving not only Parents but of course the World, and that includes children and fans of the LazyTown TV Show.

Details on the 2, yes two, products will be available shortly.

Simon Kay, Business Development Director of AT New Media says, “Apps have become a phenomenon over recent times, and the iPhone continues to set the pace. With so many Families now using the platform, it offers a new route for LazyTown to spread the message of healthy lifestyles in its own unique way.”

Watch out for further announcements on the growing interactivity of LazyTown and the show’s continuing drive to educate the World through multiple products.



Extreme App Set for imminent Launch

22 10 2010

November 1st Target Set

We are excited by this product. With the number of Apps coming on to the market currently, it is important for products to have some form of differentiation.

This one does and for the Extreme Sports enthusiast this App uses the new Movement platform, which records the forces exerted upon the user such as gforce, speed, altitude, inclines and rotations. This data is then synced with their location information and profile to create a log, and position them in the global charts.

Apple, if you are listening, this could be an interesting one for you to review.

Keep your eyes peeled for this one

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Soundboard on Sale NOW

4 10 2010

Yes Way! Classic Sounds now on iPhone

Hey Dudes, Bill and Ted’s Most Excellent Soundboard is now available.

A generation of movie fans that grew up with Bill and Ted are now technology lovers and the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Soundboard now provides them with some of the best audio clips of their youth.

Using the actual voices of the movie’s stars the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Soundboard is for everyone that loves humor and new technology.

This is the first opportunity to own the sounds of history, Bill and Ted style.

As well as this, the user gets to jam on the Wyld Stallyns guitar, and download Wyld Stallyn’s inspired ringtones and iPhone wallpapers

Available now. Click on the logo for direct access to the app store where you can purchase the app for only 99c / 59p

Mr Men and Little Miss iPhone Games Confirmed

28 09 2010

Digital Goldfish to produce first Mr Men and Little Miss Game Apps

It is now OFFICIAL. The Mr Men and Little Miss characters are to be brought to life through interactive game experiences on the iPhone and iPad, through a licence agreement between developer Digital Goldfish and brand owner Chorion.

This is the first move for these great characters in to the interactive games market and marks a momentous occasion for the popular evergreen brand, which has sold over 100 million books in its history.

The Mr Men and Little Miss game Apps will be character driven and will be for every fan who loves the humour and excitement that emanates from these fantastic characters.

In a deal brokered by AT New Media on behalf of licensor Chorion, the Apps will bring life to key characteristics of the 83 Mr Men and Little Miss characters.

The first title in the series will feature the ever-popular Mr Bump in his very own game and accompanying App. Featuring simple pick-up-and-play gameplay, intuitive controls and that “one more go” addictive factor, the games are sure to appeal to players of all ages. It will also be available next month!

Lisa Macdonald, Head of Digital Licensing said, “The conceptual work from Digital Goldfish was perfect for the direction we want to head in with the Mr Men and Little Miss characters, as we extend them in to the gaming sector. We have also been impressed with the commitment shown by our agent AT New Media in bringing this opportunity to fruition. They will be working with us on additional gaming projects for the Mr Men and Little Miss characters over the coming months.”

“David Hamilton, Managing Director, Digital Goldfish, said “We are delighted to be working with Chorion on the Mr Men and Little Miss franchise; we all grew up loving these characters and feel that they will work very well in the App Store. I would like to thank AT New Media for doing what they do best, by introducing such big licenses to the digital media sector.”

Simon Kay, Business Development Director of AT New Media said, “We are very privileged to be working on such a premium brand and achieving strategic licensing objectives for Chorion in the interactive games market. This is the first stage of a multi-platform plan, which will take in additional platforms over the coming months and years.”

Me to You aka Tatty Teddy goes Mobile

27 09 2010

New e-card iPhone app leads Tatty Teddy content deal

InfoMedia Services, the mobile content company, today announced it has completed an agreement with Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd, creators and owners of the Me to You ‘Tatty Teddy’ brand, to deliver mobile content and a new Card Sender Application for the iPhone platform, in a deal brokered by AT New Media.

The Me to You Card Sender is the first in a new series of apps to be launched that will cater for all major occasions in the calendar.  These will include 10 favourite Me to You e-cards that users will be able to send as many times as they wish.

A “trial” version will be released to give users the chance to try the product for free before they purchase the premium, fully functioned version.  Updates for the app will add new features and there are plans to develop for other platforms such as Android.

The Me to You ‘Tatty Teddy’ is one of the most recognised brands on the UK high street.  Product categories range from plush toys and figurines to confectionery and even bikes.  The bricks and mortar retail presence is backed up by a strong online retail offering at

Simon Kay, Business Development Manager of AT New Media said: “Carte Blanche Greetings has been a fantastic example of how to engage our company as a specialist rights licensing agency, assisting Carte Blanche to realise the potential of Me To You in the ever-expanding interactive media applications market.

“This project is the first of many under development which will bring Tatty Teddy into the age of connected interactivity. Carte Blanche has taken a proactive, strategic licensing approach to the digital media market.”

Extreme App Coming Soon

22 09 2010

Leading Sports Brand gaining motion traction…

The Extreme App, developed by Gourmet Pixel is an app for iPhone that enables users to check into extreme sports places, log their activities and compete against other users for awards.

The app uses the new Movement platform, which records the forces exerted upon the user such as gforce, speed, altitude, inclines and rotations. This data is then synced with their location information and profile to create a log, and position them in the global charts.

Within their profile users can access a log of previous session stats, view awards they have won, share those wins via email, twitter and facebook – even challenge friends to compete with them.

Users around the globe can compete in any of the 44 extreme sports available, the more extreme they are, the higher up the global charts they go.

More information on Extreme at

Winter Driving App for Haynes

20 09 2010

Tips for the Coming Season!

We are pleased to announce that further product enhancements will be available for the official Haynes iPhone application throughout October and November.

This is a perfect time to have new additional hints and tips available as all of us move in to the Winter Season of driving.

The current version of the iPhone app can currently be downloaded here

The US version of the app will be available in 2011

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