AT New Media incorporates new Game/App Development Services Division

12 06 2011

  An intriguing move for AT!

  Las Vegas, Nevada, June 13th 2011

 Hot off the back of an exciting E3 last week in Los Angeles, AT New Media has sent out an innovative message to the licensing market…

AT has joint-ventured a development services division that can deliver apps and games on multiple platforms. This services division is squarely aimed at agents and licensors who want to control and own more of the commercial upside of their properties and integrate the interactive digital offering directly into their marketing activity whilst also dovetailing this component with their licensing strategy.

Simon Kay, AT New Media CEO says, “It is a common misconception in the industry that the only option available to a licensor is to license out rights. That is no longer the case. With development costs for some platforms now being substantially lower than in the past, forward-looking licensors should be considering developing, controlling and offering their own interactive component. This also means the digital interactive component can integrate directly into the marketing and cross-merchandising plans as well as retaining, where generated, a higher revenue share.”

Simon continues, “For over 15 years I have been involved with interactive games and the console gaming business with a predominant licensing focus where the development platform options were limited and expensive. With other options increasingly available such as Android/iOS apps,  handheld devices, and social games, now is the right time to offer support to licensors and agents who want to look at enhancing their brand with control of their own direct development. We are a company that understands the important position such projects could take in both their licensing and marketing strategies and through the joint-venture can now deliver that option for them”.

With production services also available and with an eye for strategic opportunities in this space, as witnessed by the recent project AT undertook with Carte Blanche Greetings where AT assisted with the project that has seen the brand span an integrated approach to music, apps, gaming, and connected retail concepts, there are other options that can be reviewed with AT.

“Having a development capacity is a natural evolution for AT New Media, and whilst we will continue to offer our existing licensing services we can now offer a significant additional service for all those in the industry. Helping licensors and agents navigate the complex business of code development is the next logical step in the growth of AT New Media.”

AT is actively seeking to work with companies who are unsure about how to approach the ever expanding and very significant digital interactive component of their brand/property and can now offer their in-house interactive development option as well as the traditional licensing route.


If you have any questions or would like to learn more, click the logo above, or please do not hesitate to contact Simon Kay 


Happy Birthday for yesterday Dennis

18 03 2011

Happy Birthday Dennis….

Happy Birthday to Dennis and the Beano for the 60th Birthday yesterday. Sorry for the one day delay in acknowledging this fantastic feet. Contact Simon Kay if you want to discuss games and gaming opportunities for Dennis, specifically on Smartphones.


Me to You with Love hits the Valentines Day Album Top Spot

15 02 2011

Fantastic News for this integrated digital licensing project…

Early midweek chart shows that Me to You With Love was the best selling album on Valentine’s Day. Currently Number 1! Thanks to all who purchased it.

The Me to You project for Valentines has been a great success to date and will not stop here. Integrating a top selling music album, iPhone Apps, and a full Facebook Game plus marketing crossovers to boot has made this one of the best projects to date.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to both the Marketing and Licensing Teams at Carte Blanche Greetings for their foresight in utilising the knowledge and contacts of AT New Media to assist in bringing these departments and the project as a whole together.

If you would like to discuss how to bring digital licensing and marketing initiatives together for your brand, please get in touch.


Market appreciative of AT New Media

23 08 2010

Positive Endorsements for the Company

We thought we would share some of the comments from third parties within the interactive sector in which we work where licensing is concerned after we received another one this morning…..

Thanks for setting this all up for us and making it a very smooth process, said a leading company in the digital applications market.

Here are a few others picked at random…

Damian Collier, Producer, The War of The Worlds – Alive on Stage – “AT New Media have worked tirelessly to add value to The War of The Worlds brand, and generate additional revenue. And they’re not done yet!

Gundmundur Magnasson, MD, LazyTown Entertainment – “We have been absolutely delighted with AT-New Media‘s know-how and industry network.  Without their contribution LazyTown would not be making the move we are making into the interactive space”

Barry Hearn, CEO of Matchroom Sport – “The most significant opportunity for us to date has been the negotiations and delivery of the first ever Darts game on console formats and its phenomenal subsequent success on the Nintendo Wii. We have also been very happy with the level of service provided”

Patrick Buckland, Creator of Crystal Quest “I have been tremendously impressed by their terrier-like ability to go into the marketplace and find the best possible deals for the license and to get me the cash.”

If you want to work with AT New Media to help in the procurement of brands and licensing deals in the interactive games and gaming market, please contact us

New Interactive Opportunities for Sportacus!

11 08 2010

Contact us now for exciting LazyTown Openings!

LazyTown Logo

Lazy Town License Info

We are pleased to announce that more interactive platforms have been made available for the licensing of LazyTown.

If you are interested in learning more about these exciting opportunities and how your development talent could be matched with the creative energy of LazyTown, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

LazyTown continues to be a fantastic global performer and Sportacus continues to make people move around the World!

AT New Media is proud to be working with LazyTown to maximise new revenue streams in the interactive space.

Exciting Motorsports Licensing Project Underway

4 08 2010

Multiple Acquisitions managed by AT New Media

We are enjoying life at the moment and we are certainly keeping busy with multiple projects.

The latest one that is being administered by our Content Division concerns the acquisitions of a significant number of vehicles across the majority of the World’s leading automotive manufacturers.

There is not one major brand with whom discussions have not been initiated and the project itself is very exciting.

We are not allowed to say any more than this, but watch this space for more information in the coming months.

If you or your company need assistance with license acquisitions from any sectors, whether that is Motorsport, Movies, Entertainment, Kids, Quiz, or any others, speak to AT New Media!

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