Hungry Shark Promotions during Shark Week pay dividends.

15 08 2013

Fans bite off more than they can chew during Shark Week extravaganza 

Shark Week plush price promotion continues for a few more days. Click to see more

Shark Week plush price promotion continues for a few more days. Click to see more

Across the board, both in terms of game downloads, app content sales, and plush collectible sales, Shark Week on the Discovery Channel proved a massive catalyst again for Hungry Shark.

Fans are loving the game and their limited edition Hungry Shark Great White plush.

If you are looking for a summer promotion that encompasses apps and great merchandise in the middle of August in 2014, you can bet this franchise will be successful again.

Why not take a bite out of it and contact AT New Media for further details on how you can engage with the Hungry Shark brand over this key time of year.

If you have not played the game yet, you can get it via the following links (Free)

If you are interested in the plush (limited edition offer around the week of Shark Week and the one after), you can find out more here:

Finally, we are seeking new merchandising partners for Hungry Shark for now and in to 2014, so please contact us for further information.


Hungry Shark plush beginning to fly…

9 04 2013

Exciting news for Limited Edition Plush

You can see more on Taymai by clicking this image

You can see more on Taymai by clicking this image

With over 15 Million downloads now secured, Hungry Shark Evolution is really starting to motor.

Official limited edition plush partner Taymai is also enjoying the ride.

If you have seen the charts lately, you will notice the improved sales of Hungry Shark Evolution.

The plush has also begun to be featured more prominently as we look to work more closely with all third parties concerned.

If you are a retailer looking to enhance your portfolio of game merchandise, you should begin to seriously look at Hungry Shark.

What about Summer promotions in store? Nothing better than a shark to engage with is there?

Contact us for more information on this growing opportunity.

Hungry Shark Evolution… We told you to keep an eye on it. Take a bite?

19 03 2013

Time to work with us on Hungry Shark?

Click to see the latest charts from App Annie. Oh yes, there is a great plush available too.

Click to see the latest charts from App Annie. Oh yes, there is a great plush available too.

With GDC just around the corner, now is a great time to highlight what is happening with Hungry Shark….

Have you played yet?

If not, you should. There are a lot of people talking about it.

If you have not seen the recent chart performance, we thought we would share some of the visual evidence across the World.

Thanks to our friends at App Annie, we have a link for you to view.

Click the image to see more.

If you would like to discuss merchandising opportunities around the Shark and Sharks everyone is talking about, please do contact us.

Oh yes, 10 million units of the game have now been sold as of Sunday last week.

Future Games of London: 50m downloads to date, 40m target for 2013

16 01 2013

Milestone for Hungry Shark developer as it heads to PC and Mac

More Hungry Sharks in action. Plush available. Click Image to get yours

More Hungry Sharks in action. Plush available. Click Image to get yours

As reported in today, Hungry Shark developer Future Games of London has passed 50 million downloads of its games on iOS, Google Play and the Amazon App Store – and is targeting as many as 40 million more in 2013.

This is great news for the company and key franchises like Hungry Shark on which AT New Media has been working.

To celebrate this news, the January sale of the official Hungry Shark Great White plush has started via licensee Battleant.

They have reduced the pricing on the official plush toy to £8.99 for the UK and $11.95 for USA and AUS with immediate effect to celebrate this news. Click the image above to be taken to the Taymai store to get yours now.

If you are interested in learning more about Hungry Shark and the merchandising opportunities available, please contact AT New Media.

Merry Christmas from AT New Media and all our Clients – What are they singing?

21 12 2012

“Silent Bite”? Can you do any better… 🙂 

Caption Contest... What are they singing...

Caption Contest… What are they singing…Click to buy your Limited Edition Hungry Shark Great White Plush Toy

Hungry Shark Evolution is now FREE… Get it now on iOS, Google Play, and more..

11 12 2012

Graphics full of bite now available for Free…

Join in the fin!

Join in the fin!

Today marks a special day in the life of the Hungry Shark game franchise.

The latest installment, Hungry Shark Evolution is now Free.

If you have not yet played it and seen the graphics and gameplay in all their glory, you certainly need to.

You don’t have to have an Apple device only either, although we think it looks great on our iPad 3.

Play now and download here.

Tell All Your Mates About It aka Taymai takes a bite with Hungry Shark Plush promotion

7 12 2012

Get your limited edition Hungry Shark Evolution Plush, and Taymai..

Now that's a Shark! Get yours now from Taymai.

Now that’s a Shark! Get yours now from Taymai.

Next week will see the fantastic graphics prevalent in the game Hungry Shark Evolution become visible to the masses.

AND, it will not just be the game that consumers will engage with.

It will also be the limited edition Hungry Shark Collectible Plush exclusively being sold via the evolving gaming and merchandising community, Taymai (Tell All Your Mates About It).

Christmas is coming, and if you enjoy the game and the brilliant lead character, you should go ahead and purchase one of the plush sharks.

The Great White is the lead character in game and this is not any normal Great White Shark.

As you can see from the image, he certainly has some bite.

So, why not get yourself one or purchase for someone special  this Christmas while the opportunity is still there.

Hungry Shark Evolution is a fantastic game and we love the iOS version which you can get here:

Hungry Shark Evolution – iOS – Download now

The plush is available from the Taymai Hungry Shark Store which can be accessed here:

Limited Edition Hungry Shark Evolution Plush – Order Here

AT New Media, would like to apologise for this blatant promotion of what is a fantastic game and limited edition collectible but some things are just worth getting excited about. 

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