Great Opening Partnership Developing in #NewStarCricket

17 11 2016

New Star Cricket welcomes specialist batting and a great all rounder to the team… Support by AT New Media.

UK – 17th November 2016 – New Star Games are thrilled to announce a partnership with 2 well known Cricket brands in the chart topping New Star Cricket game, out now on iOS.

Simon Read, owner of New Star Games said: “We are delighted to be working with both Gunn & Moore and Cricket World, pillars of the cricket industry and respected worldwide by fans, players and pundits alike. These partnerships take New Star Cricket to a whole new level of realism and excitement, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”


“Cricket World is looking forward to this exciting partnership with New Star Cricket – this is where virtual and real cricket meet and new stars will be born” commented Alastair Symondson Head of Media at 


GM’s Cricket Product Manager Tom Coffey said : “GM is very pleased to support New Star Cricket with this great new initiative, which we hope will help introduce a whole new generation to cricket.”

In New Star Cricket you are the star of the show, launching your cricket career as a promising young academy player. Build your skills and earn rewards as you play local, domestic and then national competitions all over the world.

Experience life as a professional cricketer, rise through the ranks to eventually represent your chosen national team.  Revel in the authenticity of a mobile cricket title that captures the spirit, skills, excitement and teams from the many cricket leagues around the world!

New Star Cricket can be downloaded for FREE here:-

Android version to follow shortly.


Garfield and Casper get licensing support from AT New Media

2 09 2013

New Social Games ready to play thanks to support from AT New Media

AT New Media supports brand owners and content developers to engage with all games and gaming sectors

AT New Media supports brand owners and content developers to engage with all games and gaming sectors

It is with great pleasure that we can announce our continuing support for the interactive games and brand licensing business by assisting those concerned with the integration of both the Casper and Garfield brands in to the social slots market.

AT New Media continues to offer support to content developers, brand licensors and licensing agents alike to deliver exciting and engaging content where there are gaps in the market.

Our continuing analysis of what we call our matrix of opportunities continues to pay dividends with many exciting brand licensing deals continually being undertaken.

With such a dynamic sector that is the games and gaming market, there are always interesting new niches and genres within which to deliver opportunities.

Have fun playing with Garfield. Thanks to Bulldog Licensing.

Have fun playing with Garfield. Thanks to Bulldog Licensing.

The demographic of those playing these social games in Facebook was perfect for brands such as these and we are pleased to have been able to support the third parties involved to bring these projects to bear.

We have lost count of the number of brand licensing opportunities we have now delivered across all interactive games and gaming sectors from iOS apps through to fully blown online wagering casino games and social games.

AT New Media’s CEO Simon Kay, says, “We are yet again thrilled to have been able to support both the brand licensing sector and the game development business with another fulfilling project. All parties involved have been fantastic and we hope the project bears fruit for all concerned. We are sure they will. “

With nearly 20 years of dedicated experience that has been focused on the games and gaming sector on all levels, we are sure AT New Media will be able to support you. Whether you need support with an outbound digital licensing strategy for your brand or an inbound licensing strategy for your own games portfolio, we believe we have the relevant solution for you.

Finally, as stated in Digital Journal, player engagement within Slots Craze has been exceptionally high, with more than half of new players coming back to play again on their second day. Gamers have played more than 150 million spins in Slots Craze, winning more than 14 trillion virtual coins altogether. If they were real coins, that would buy Garfield and the entire population of the United States his favorite Lasagna treat three meals a day for approximately eight years!

That made us smile…..

If you are interested in finding out how AT New Media can support you, whether you are a developer, licensor, or brand licensing agency, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Gaps in the games and gaming market for branded products? We help fill them.

24 05 2013

“Find the Gap” – More proof we can deliver for you.

Casper the Friendly Ghost makes his way to the social Slots Craze. Click image to see our "Find the Gap" article.

Casper the Friendly Ghost makes his way to the social Slots Craze. Click image to see our “Find the Gap” article.

A couple of months ago we wrote an article entitled, “Find the Gap”.

If you did not see it you can click on the above link for more info.

Remember that saying, “The proof of the pudding, is in the eating”?

Well, we believe in this and even though not all projects may work out, more often than not we can find the gap and fill it.

Here is another example for you which takes the wonderful Casper brand in to the world of Social Slots.

AT New Media played a fundamental role in bringing this opportunity to bear with both licensee and licensor supporting the initiative from start to finish from a commercial point of view.

This is our role.

We found the gap in the Casper licensing program within the games and gaming genre, and plugged it with great support from all concerned.

If you are a brand owner or a licensee and need support adding to your portfolio of licensees in this sector or a licensee needing support to build relationships with relevant licensors, we could be good for each other.

More information on these services from our Brands and Content divisions can be obtained by contacting us.

Helping others move in to the Games and Gaming market…New Release…

26 11 2012

More assistance offered by AT New Media

Pictures often tell a thousand words.
Sometimes words are too much.

So, just look at this.

Great new online slot for one of the greatest TV/SciFi brands.

AT New Media supports many licensors and agents move in to games and gaming sectors.

If you want support in your initiatives with proactive thinking, contact us.

Games and Gaming – Think AT New Media…


Worms™ back in Top 10 Mobile and Tablet Apps…+ More News…

1 05 2012

Just adding some updates for you all on WORMS™…

Well it is May 1st so we thought we would lay out an extensive update on WORMS™ for everyone interested in the merchandising program and new opportunities in 2012 and beyond.

Firstly, a couple of weeks ago, WORMS™ 2 Armageddon stormed back in to the Top 10 Paid iPhone charts as you can see from the image to the left.

This is part of a concerted evolution and indeed Revolution for WORMS™ in 2012 and 2013 with some fantastic new initiatives in progress.

Well one of these, as you would have seen from our recent updates concerns the exciting WORMS™ Revolution game that will be available on multiple formats later this year.

Earlier this week Team 17 began to introduce some of the new characters. The game features four different classes. Each class plays differently and offers the player different advantages and disadvantages.

So, say hello to our favourite, the Heavy!

This worm is the largest and most powerful worm in the game, but he’s severely limited when it comes to getting around the landscape and he also makes for the biggest target, meaning he’s easier to hit than the other worms.

The Heavy’s size and lack of agility means he’s simply unable to reach the parts of the landscape that the other classes would take for granted without having to resort to a utility, but even then his extra bulk makes him sluggish on the Ninja Rope and Jetpack. However, the Heavy’s extra bulk can work to his advantage as it means he won’t travel as far, compared to the other classes, when hit, meaning he has a better chance of staying on the landscape.

There is a significant amount of regular information updates on the games on the official Facebook page which can be reached by clicking any of the images on this page or the link within this text. You can also follow us on Twitter for regular updates on all things WORMS™

Since starting the merchandising program in June 2011, Team 17 and licensing agent AT New Media have been very busy developing not only new games but a merchandising foundation to build on. We are now ready to build with our partners.

On the Games side, with the growth of digital sales compared to retail in 2011 and in to 2012, it is important to summarise the number of great WORMS™ products that were developed and released….

·Worms™ Soundboard – a free iOS soundboard released on the App Store, for iPhone, on 15th April 2011.
·Worms™ Reloaded – a Mac OSX version of the best-selling game released on Steam on 18th May 2011.
·Worms™ Reloaded – x4 premium PC DLC packs released on Steam (Puzzle Pack, Forts Pack, Time Attack, Retro Pack) on 1st July 2011.
·Worms™ Special Edition – a streamlined, standalone Mac version of Worms™ Reloaded released on the Apple Mac App Store on 7th July 2011.
·Worms™ 2: Armageddon – x4 premium DLC packs (Puzzle Pack, Forts Pack, Time Attack, Retro Pack) released on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation®Network in August/September 2011 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation®3.
·Worms™ Ultimate Mayhem – an enhanced version of the classic 3D Worms™ games released on Xbox LIVE Arcade, Steam and PlayStation®Network on 28th September 2011 for Xbox 360/PC and on 14th/15th February 2012 for PlayStation®3.
·Worms™ Crazy Golf – a crazy 2D sports/puzzle game released on the App Store for iPhone/iPad/Mac, on PlayStation®Network for PlayStation®3 and on Steam for PC on 19th/26th October 2011 and for Mac on 8th December 2011.
·Worms™ Classics – x3 classic Worms™ games – Worms™, Worms™ Blast and Worms™ Pinball released on Steam for PC on 19th October 2011.
·Worms™ Ultimate Mayhem – x2 premium DLC packs released on Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 (The Single-player Pack and The Multi-player Pack) on 14th December 2011 and 11th January 2012.
All of these have been stellar performers with fantastic sales performance on all digital stores including Apple, Playstation Network (PSN) and Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA), amongst others.
This year will see even more fantastic products arriving from the Team 17 developers which will include but are not limited to:
· Worms™ Revolution

Team17‘s most ambitious Worms game ever! All-new, next-generation Worms madness due for Q3 2012 on PC & Console

· Worms™ Mobile

New releases/updates on mobile platforms including Apple and Android devices. Featuring in-app purchases, dynamic ads, and Game Centre support. In-app purchase is for the Golden Donkey – for a price of 69p players can buy the donkey, which can be used as a level skip (in a similar way to the Mighty Eagle in Angry Birds). The donkey has unlimited uses, but needs an hour to “recharge” after each use. Dynamic ads will be used to promote anything Worms, e.g. merchandise, etc…

Additional developments to further drive this gameplay forward based on the huge growth in turn based gaming across the smartphone and social gaming market will see WORMS continue to dominate this genre of gameplay.

There will also be a third element to this games development process in 2012 which has not been announced yet which will benefit all existing and future merchandise licensees.

Where the merchandise is concerned we are discussing additional collectibles, role play, and trading concepts presently but this year will see a steady flow of additional merchandise coming to market including new T-Shirt Designs, plush collectibles, and resin figures among others.

The image to the right covers the initial range of 6 resin figures that will be available later this year. There are others in development including some iconic “moves” from the fantastic depth of intellectual property associated with this fantastic game.  Hugely collectible, customisable, and tradable which ultimately are key for merchandising success.

The fact this game has been around since 1995 and continues to perform shows WORMS is here to stay and both existing and new fans have a game and brand that is built on very solid foundations.

If you are interested in learning more about WORMS™ and what is coming next in both games and merchandising and you want to get involved, please contact us.

Now the WORMS™ Resin Figures are Incoming!

1 02 2012

Great initial line up of 6 classic WORMS™ figures available soon…

Here is something new on WORMS™ to whet your appetite.

First 4 Figures ( is extremely happy to announce an agreement with Team17 Software Ltd, AT New Media via its US sub agent, The Sharpe Company, for the rights to make vinyl figures and resin statues and dioramas based on Team 17’s classic turn-based strategy game, Worms™!

The first wave of Worms™ collectibles will be previewed at this year’s upcoming Nuremberg and New York Toy Fairs, with product anticipated to come to market around July 2012. More information on the pricing and timing will be made available soon. Check out a teaser image of one of the resin dioramas planned!

Head on over to First 4 Figures’ forums ( or Facebook page ( and let First 4 Figures know your Worms™ product wish list!

If you happen to be at the Nuremberg Toy Fair this week, you will be able to see these on display almost in their full glory.

The resin will be on the PBM Express stand which is in Hall 5 stand A72.

The vinyl mini figures will be on the Abysse stand – Hall 12 stand H16.

Simon Kay, CEO AT New Media says, “This is another addition to the developing merchandising project and part of the infinitely collectible vibe you get with these guys. With such character and accessory depth, these will be the first of many. Thanks also to The Sharpe Company in the US for their work with is on this.”

For more details on the WORMS™ merchandise licensing program and how you can get involved, please contact Simon Kay

What is the longest license negotiation from interest to signed deal?

18 05 2011

So how long did your deal take…..?

Well, this is something for you all to think about.

Some licensing agreements are duly executed in double quick time, but how long did your longest negotiation take?

From our own experience, we are sure it will be longer than one year.

For us, one of our current projects is undoubtedly the longest one we have ever worked on. Yes, it is now reaching the end of its third, (yes 3) year!!!!

Why do we continue to put up with it? Well not least because the awareness the deal will bring the brand and the potential revenues are potentially very large.

Of course, the brand concerned, is already very big, otherwise it would still not be in negotiation after so long.

After all of that, we are pleased that it is as close as it has ever been to closure and fingers crossed it happens soon.

So over to all of you. Have you ever been involved in a licensing deal process up to, or over, 3 years in length, and if so, was it worth it.

Food for thought we know. Happy Days all 🙂

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