WORMS is coming to Facebook. Fantastically exciting news. Enhances longevity of the brand.

7 08 2012

Worms™ on Facebook is just around the corner….

Worms is coming to Facebook. Official

Team 17 announced yesterday that the Worms™ Facebook game closed beta is now OPEN for registrations!

For those that are interested, access to the beta is a two stage process.

First go to http://apps.facebook.com/playworms/ where you’ll be asked to enter your details and fill in a short questionnaire.

Secondly wait for the email telling you that you’ve been selected.

More and more players will be added every day so even if you’re not selected immediately it shouldn’t be too long before you can enter the battle.

Players should also remember that the game is still in beta and as a result is subject to changes, tweeks, down-time and all that good stuff.

This is great news for the continued development of the WORMS™ franchise and we hope more merchandise licensees and retailers will be excited enough by this new development to sign up with us.

Simon Kay, CEO of AT New Media, said on the breaking of this news; “The traditional boxed game market suffered a further decline recently so any game brand that has been a consistent performer on all digital and online platforms has an increasing chance of success in the merchandise marker and WORMS™ will continue to evolve.”


Me to You with Love hits the Valentines Day Album Top Spot

15 02 2011

Fantastic News for this integrated digital licensing project…

Early midweek chart shows that Me to You With Love was the best selling album on Valentine’s Day. Currently Number 1! Thanks to all who purchased it.

The Me to You project for Valentines has been a great success to date and will not stop here. Integrating a top selling music album, iPhone Apps, and a full Facebook Game plus marketing crossovers to boot has made this one of the best projects to date.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to both the Marketing and Licensing Teams at Carte Blanche Greetings for their foresight in utilising the knowledge and contacts of AT New Media to assist in bringing these departments and the project as a whole together.

If you would like to discuss how to bring digital licensing and marketing initiatives together for your brand, please get in touch.


Music Giant EMI signs Me to You in Deal brokered by Carte Blanche and AT New Media

12 01 2011

Me to you with Love on Sale Jan 31st 2011

Me To You - Tatty Teddy License info

It is with great excitement, we can announce a new addition to the Tatty Teddy digital licensing program.

Record label EMI has joined forces with Carte Blanche Greetings to release a new love songs CD in time for Valentine’s Day.

Me to You With Love is a unique collection of chart hits, featuring a selection of 43 bestselling tracks, from classic to funky, soulful to swing.

On sale from January 31st, the double CD features a diverse range of recording artists, including Diana Ross, Frank Sinatra, Eliza Doolittle, Katy Perry and Robbie Williams.

Jocasta Kelsey, CBG Marketing Manager, said: “We’re delighted to be collaborating with EMI on this exciting CD release. The love songs on the album are as timeless as Tatty Teddy, so we’re confident that Me to You With Love will prove a big hit with consumers, not just at Valentine’s, but right through the year.” 

The CD launch coincides with another new Carte Blanche initiative – Me to You’s new Facebook game, Me to You My Place. To celebrate the two launches, anyone who buys the CD can unlock an online gift in the form of a digital jukebox which can be used on the free-to-play Facebook game.

“Our strategy is to blend consumers’ on and off line experiences, and this is a perfect example of how we hope to achieve that goal,” added Kelsey.

The deal with EMI was brokered by none other than AT New Media, the leading digital licensing specialist which was appointed last year to deliver a strategic and proactive approach for CBG’s brands within the digital media market.

Simon Kay, Business Development Director of AT New Media said, “If there was a benchmark on how to integrate digital products licensing with a marketing program for an existing Brand, this project is it. Mobile, Facebook, Music, and Retail are dovetailing together and we are excited by the addition of EMI to this project.”

Me to You With Love is available at Me to You With Love is available at all good music retailers including Amazon, Play.com, HMV, Sainsbury’s and Asda.

If you want to work with the most proactive licensing agency in the digital sector when it comes to games, gaming, apps, and more, why not contact us.

Carte Blanche Greetings takes Brand Licensing into the Digital Age – Company to launch Facebook Game.

23 12 2010

Facebook Game Fun for Tatty Teddy and Friends

Click for Official Facebook Game

Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd, the privately owned leading British greetings card and gifting company, and a client of AT New Media, is breaking into new territories with the launch of the first ever social branded game of its type.

The company, which owns the Me to You, My Blue Nose Friends, Violent Veg and Vivacious Veg brands, has licensed Me to You My Place for Facebook.  The game is designed to bring the Me to You story to life in the digital arena by introducing Tatty Teddy and My Blue Nose Friends as characters where players have to find, nurture and love the friends they make.

“This is a groundbreaking move for the company as we enter the Facebook arena with the first game of its kind at a time when social gaming is red hot and developing at a frantic pace,” says Jocasta Kelsey, marketing manager at Carte Blanche Greetings.  “Facebook has a staggering 200 million people playing games, such as Farmville, on its site every month which is more than Playstation, Xbox and Wii combined.  By launching Me To You My Place we are taking the brand’s core sentiments of friendship, love and trust into the digital space and successfully blending the consumers on and off line experiences.”

Launched in 1995, the Me to You brand has grown to become one of the most successful non-media based character brands in the world with circa £500 million in annual retail sales globally.   The inclusion of Me to You in the Facebook game name ensures consistency with the brand’s website domain metoyou.com which has more than 370,000 registered users.  The use of My in the name is also consistent with sister brand My Blue Nose Friends which was developed as an extension of the Tatty Teddy story.

“Me to You My Place works on many different levels as it reflects the established physical brand, is digitally relevant and gives players ownership of the game,” continues Jocasta Kelsey.  “The game will be the first interaction many consumers have with the brand and we have worked hard to ensure that all our communications across many geographies are seamless now and into the future.”

Developed by Sharkius Games, Me to You My Place is free to play and incorporates elements of competition, treasure hunt, harvesting, collaborative construction with friends and gift sending.  Accessible to all ages, players create a customisable Tatty Teddy to embark on a journey to find, nurture and love My Blue Nose Friends.  The level of care provided by the player allows them to create friends for keeps and to enhance and personalise their experience through the purchase and trade of virtual elements for My Place, creating an additional revenue stream for the company.

“We have worked extremely closely with both Sharkius Games and Infomedia to ensure that the personalities and characters of our brands are brought to life in these new digital environments in a style that is true to the sentiments of friendship, love and trust that are key to the success and longevity of the brand, “ adds Jocasta Kelsey.

“In taking a proactive, strategic licensing approach to the digital media market Carte Blanche have engaged specialist licensing agency AT New Media to broker these opportunities in the ever expanding interactive media applications market,” continues Jocasta Kelsey.

“CBG is a company with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and we do not think there is any other brand that could deliver such a solid and authentic social game and bring together the physical and digital experiences as cohesively as Me to You can,” adds Jocasta Kelsey.  “It is a very exciting time in our evolution and we are fully embracing the new technologies that exist to take our story to current fans and new audiences across the world in the digital media.”

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