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29 09 2014
Contact Us to see how we can help you.

Contact Us to see how we can help you.

PDC World Darts Championship:

Over the years we have licensed many brands in to the console game market on behalf of brand owners and licensing agencies.

One of our favorites has to be timing of the Wii version of PDC World Darts many years ago now.

The fact we licensed the rights on behalf of Matchroom Sports was one thing. The fact it was the number 2 pre order product at the time on that platform is another.

Testament to the timing of all involved to seize the opportunity.

That led to successful subsequent released on other platforms.

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AT New Media was fundamental in developing the licensing strategy for one of the greatest children’s TV shows of recent times in our minds.

The timing, as with many of these opportunities would prove to be critical and could this alignment happen.

Console most notably Wii was going to be very important for this brand as would market entrance in time for the transition to Kinect.

Two deals of note were ultimately signed with different partners and additional handheld and mobile platform opportunities were pursued to follow the initial agreements.

Product development directions were great but publisher arrangements were to prove a little more difficult.

The more protracted that became the more time went against the project and the window of opportunity for the desired Christmas market to get the ball rolling. Missing that would mean the demographics of the platforms and console life-cycle transitions would be against the brand.

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We spent a period of approximately 9 months with ITV Global Entertainment consulting on numerous opportunities for their brands.

This included negotiating console and handheld deals for their own brands such as Coronation Street and I’m A Celebrity, through to partner brands such as Countdown and Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

Agreements for multiple platforms were agreed and this also stretched to terminal games such as Amusement with Prizes and Skills with Prizes experiences.

Reviewing the timing of potential content on such platforms for new shows such as Colour of Money was also part of the strategic remit and a substantial growth in revenue from this strategic move on their part was secured.

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Mr Men and Little Miss:

One of the most engaging brands of all time in our opinion, it was a joy to work on some console concepts for the Mr Men and Little Miss characters a few years ago.

The console market at the time was ripe for such opportunities and it was a shame that the publishers for games did not see it the way we are our partners at the time did.

From Mr Men Racing to multi sports concepts for all platforms, along with concepts targeting girls, the ideas were endless.

The opportunities remain numerous still today and we hope to see these great characters appear on a myriad of platforms from console to mobile and social soon.

Our strategic work on idea generation and concept development was very well met but finalising the kind of commercial agreement that would work for all concerned proved illusive for a little too long.


AT New Media continue to support many organisations with their initial strategic ideas and directions in the console and handheld space and we hope we will one day be able to help you too.


Market appreciative of AT New Media

23 08 2010

Positive Endorsements for the Company

We thought we would share some of the comments from third parties within the interactive sector in which we work where licensing is concerned after we received another one this morning…..

Thanks for setting this all up for us and making it a very smooth process, said a leading company in the digital applications market.

Here are a few others picked at random…

Damian Collier, Producer, The War of The Worlds – Alive on Stage – “AT New Media have worked tirelessly to add value to The War of The Worlds brand, and generate additional revenue. And they’re not done yet!

Gundmundur Magnasson, MD, LazyTown Entertainment – “We have been absolutely delighted with AT-New Media‘s know-how and industry network.  Without their contribution LazyTown would not be making the move we are making into the interactive space”

Barry Hearn, CEO of Matchroom Sport – “The most significant opportunity for us to date has been the negotiations and delivery of the first ever Darts game on console formats and its phenomenal subsequent success on the Nintendo Wii. We have also been very happy with the level of service provided”

Patrick Buckland, Creator of Crystal Quest “I have been tremendously impressed by their terrier-like ability to go into the marketplace and find the best possible deals for the license and to get me the cash.”

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