Top Multi-Platform Games Brands for Merchandising – An open minded perspective – You Vote

31 05 2011

After much discussion with some industry stakeholders we came up with an interesting list…

Before everyone jumps in with their own valued opinions on this, and we are sure there will be many, the list was based on the overall contribution and connection to a merchandising program a game has made as well as unit sales of the games themselves.

A complex yet intriguing combination which of course brings in elements of our own opinions as well.

Many other studies or surveys that have been done over recent years tend to focus on just games sales which naturally would lead to other brands being visible.

Other elements such at the depth of character and potential for ongoing merchandising across multiple merchandise product categories and how wide the potential audience is both in terms of product and demographics were also reviewed.

Importantly it is also based on reviewing game platforms that range from Wii and DS to Playstation, PSN, XBLA, Steam, Facebook, Online/MMOG, and Smartphone Apps.In fact all these platforms are represented in some form in the list below which is pretty impressive.

Furthermore, we also reviewed the position of various games brands if merchandising opportunities were to be fully available. Some of course are not fully available at the present time. Some restrictions apply like with Zynga for instance.

So without further ado, the top games brands for merchandising and in no particular order would be as follows.

Now it is your turn.  You get the chance to vote on your favourite out of 10 (there could have been many more) so we can see who comes out number one at the end of June. Why the end of June, well we have E3 and the Licensing Show this month, so it is a good month to see how this goes.

Please also note, the best selling game “ever” does not necessarily mean it is the best when it comes to a merchandising program or forming part of a merchandising strategy or integrated opportunity where there is greater potential.

Also, be aware, we have not included brands that have successfully gone in to video games as part of a merchandising strategy. There are of course some that have done that very successfully. That would be a totally different list which we will do subject to how this goes. No doubt, that would include brands like, The Simpsons, Spongebob, Lego, and Ben 10 to name just four, amongst others.

Finally, a note to a few of those that did not make it. These included Medal of Honour, Call of Duty, Halo, Rabbids, Pac Man, Space Invaders, Tetris, Homefront, and many more but it is certainly a list that we believe will prompt some good discussions and opinion.

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LazyTown to get the UK moving more with major Department of Health Tie Up

15 03 2011

UK Government to use Sportacus in drive to improve Children’s Health


The UK Government, quite rightly believes that the stars of the BBC’s LazyTown can help to turn young people on to physical activity and healthy eating.

They have held talks with Magnús Scheving, the show’s creator and superfit action hero central character, about how its success can help the government’s drive to tackle the couch potato culture.

LazyTown, aimed at four- to seven-year-olds and screened on the CBeebies channel, is widely admired. In it the athletic, acrobatic Sportacus, played by Scheving, tries to persuade the children ofLazyTown to take part in physical activities and to ignore junk food-eating Robbie Rotten, who wants them to be lazy.

The Conservative Government first turned to Scheving when in opposition and he attended a party ideas-finding session on obesity hosted by David Cameron. The Icelander won plaudits from UK health professionals by walking on to the stage of a National Obesity Forum conference on his hands.

A Government spokesman said, “Hitching to the LazyTown chariot stands a very good chance of succeeding with pre-school and primary school kids. Sportacus is a cult with kids, and Magnús Scheving and his team are brilliant marketers.”


Fantastic news indeed and again indicates that the opportunity to exploit LazyTown in movement based computer games experiences is a significant one with this message continuing across the World.

This news in the UK comes swiftly behind the news that LazyTown have a new US broadcast partner in NBC.

Contact Simon Kay via if you would like to know more concerning interactive games and apps opportunities for LazyTown.


We’ve Got WORMS!

18 02 2011

Classic Videogame Series Worms™ Launches Licensing Programme

UK-based brand owner Team17 has appointed licensing agency AT New Media.

For the first time, the hugely popular videogames franchise Worms™ is being offered to licensees, retailers and promoters for a range of merchandise, by UK-based brand owner Team17 Software Ltd. and its worldwide licensing agent AT New Media.

Worms™, which celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2010, is a bestselling, award-winning and hilarious turn-based strategy videogame.

With millions of players and fans, its irreverent mix of ludicrous action-strategy captivates and entertains audiences of all ages worldwide. The games feature colourful, cartoon-style action, cute characters and a variety of hilarious weapons. Players control a small platoon of anarchic yet charming worms across a deformable landscape, battling other computer or player-controlled teams. Since Worms™ was first unleashed into the video-gaming world in 1995, the intrepid invertebrates have been released on over 20 gaming platforms, selling approximately 30 million retail copies to date. The Worms™ brand has been at the forefront of modern distribution trends and has seen sales in excess of 10 million on mobile phone handsets, and also seen huge success on the new digital video-game platforms, with number 1 hits on Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation® Network, Apple’s App Store, and Steam for PC.

Key features of the series include  the ability to customize the worms with a ridiculous array of hats, hair, hands and glasses; its extensive variety of crazy, surreal and hilarious weaponry, ranging from grenades and homing missiles to exploding Sheep, Banana Bombs, the iconic Holy Hand Grenade, and even a mythical Concrete Donkey and its hilarious audio, with a large number of memorable catchphrases and taunts shouted by the worms during the course of battle, such as…”I’ll get you!”, “Revenge!”, “Stupid!”, “Traitor!”, “Incoming!” and “You’ll Regret That!”.

“We are very excited at the prospect of working with licensees, manufacturers and promoters,” says Debbie Bestwick, Managing Director and Co-founder, Team17 Software Ltd., “The Worms™ brand has a vast array of cheeky, funny and cute characteristics, which inspires great merchandise design. It’s something we’ve always been asked to do and now with the superb success of the Worms™ brand across social, digital and mobile gaming platforms we have the freedom and flexibility to pursue the opportunity fully.”

“When you realize that Worms™ does not already have an extensive licensing programme, you are amazed,” says Simon Kay, Business Development Director, AT New Media Limited, “AT New Media is so thrilled to have the opportunity to extend these popular and unique characters into a range of merchandise that ideally suits the consumer market today. We certainly envisage the Worms™ brand being successful in the areas of figurines and accessories, toys, books, plushes, apparel/clothing and even greeting cards.”

For more information and access to a Brand Deck, please click here or any of the images above.

Email Simon Kay via or Paul Comben via for more information.

Exciting new Addition to the AT New Media portfolio coming shortly

4 02 2011

This is really exciting…

We are on the edge of our seats here waiting to officially announce our new merchandising project.

AT New Media will in the coming week start informing the merchandising market of a new addition to our licensing portfolio.

With a company position that focusses on the interactive and digital licensing market, this project fits perfectly in to our Merchandise license offering. When we undertake merchandising projects we tend to focus on intellectual property that comes from the games and gaming market or that has transitioned through digital media to become a phenomena or a craze. This one fits this message beautifully.

Multiple product categories will be available immediately and if you want to know more on what this brand is ahead of time, why not contact us and arrange a chat at the Spring Fair next week.

More information will be placed here and via our twitter account @atnewmedia in due course.


Mr. Men and Little Miss for Console

27 10 2010

Pitches are coming in and decision due…

Mr Men & Little Miss License info

We are intrigued by some of the interest coming in for the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters where the console game market is concerned.

Hot on the heels of the exciting iPhone Game deal with Digital Goldfish (out soon), the current console lifecycles mean there are interesting opportunities for these great characters.

No, not just DS, but come early 2012, XBLA, PSN, with Move and Kinect. Just think of the active fun you can have with these characters.

The interest has further been increased by new major promotions that are now underway in Australia, the UK and the US.

The three major promotions this autumn are all for its hit global fashion and novelty brand Mr. Men and Little Miss.

In Australia and New Zealand an all new Mr. Men character, Mr. Mo, has been created to support the national and global men’s healthy charity initiative, Movember. He is set to make his introduction as the ambassador for Movember 2010. Easily recognisable thanks to his giant, bushy moustache, complimented by a distinguished red top hat and bright blue nose, Mr. Mo is a confident and quirky guy. He’s modern, enjoys socialising and is particularly keen to express his personality via his moustache which he is very proud of! The Mr. Mo promotion is exclusive to all 283 Target stories across Australia.

In a separate promotional deal, UK based eyewear retailer, Specsavers, has enlisted the help of the Mr. Men to mount its latest multi million pound nationwide cross-media promotional campaign featuring Mr. Happy who “should have gone to Specsavers”.

The comic campaign is launched with heavy TV advertising mid October and print, in-store and online advertising run throughout the rest of 2010. The opticians’ high street outlets have also received a Mr. Men makeover, with the iconic and colourful characters taking centre stage in Specsavers stores up and down the country.

Specsavers and the Mr. Men will took over the homepage of for a day on Friday 15 October, when web visitors were able to take an optical tour of Happy Land. They can watch the full TV commercial and view all related offers.

Richard Holmes, Specsavers’ Marketing Director explains: “The Mr. Men’s ageless appeal suits the campaign’s broad target audience and is well-suited to presenting several free offers together, in a coherent and memorable campaign. I think people are going to enjoy it.”

In the US, Arby’s, a national quick service restaurant, is gearing up for their Mr. Men and Little Miss promotion which runs October 2010 through January 2011. All 3,500 participating stores will feature six unique character figurines including Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Tickle, Little Miss Daredevil, Mr. Happy, Mr. Strong and Little Miss Helpful. Over 2.5 million premiums and branded meal bags will be distributed. The promotion will be supported with in-store marketing such as signage, counter cards and window-clings along with a robust consumer marketing campaign through Facebook, twitter, online advertising, and a splash page on arby’

So, if you also believe this classic brings a truly wide demographic and territorial appeal to make compelling interactive games a success on multiple platforms, you should look in to this further. The growing success the brand has across Europe lends itself to the sector as whole where games are increasingly accessible to wide audiences and few brands have that universal appeal. This one does!

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