Carmageddon Roars Into the Merchandise Licensing Sector!

5 10 2011

For the first time, Carmageddon is coming to a T-Shirt near you

We are pleased to announce that we are now acting as merchandise licensing agent for iconic video game brand Carmageddon.

Carmageddon is a series of games featuring hilarious and brutal race car action created byUKindependent developer Stainless Games. First released in the late 90’s, the controversial, multi-million selling and critically acclaimed franchise is due to be re-booted with a major new release – ‘Carmageddon Reincarnation’ – due out in late 2012.

The original Carmageddon and its sequels, caused a huge media storm, prompting questions in the Houses of Parliament, TV debates and reams of newspaper coverage – the game’s tongue-in-cheek violence being ideal material for a little press hysteria and political ‘outrage’.

Catering to the existing, enthusiastic fanbase, the eagerly anticipated ‘Carmageddon Reincarnation’ will also deliver a unique, high octane, anarchic gaming experience to a whole new generation of gamers.

AT New Media has been appointed to deal with interest from the merchandise licensing community and has already been in talks with potential partners in regards to merchandising opportunities. The brand will be presented to the wider licensing community at BLE 2011.

“As digital licensing specialists, with a growing merchandising department, we are always looking to represent the hottest brands in the gaming sector and Carmageddon certainly fits the bill,” says Simon Kay of AT New Media, “the original version caused a ‘bit’ of controversy when it was first released but it’s a bona fide cult classic and the launch of the new game is eagerly anticipated by its millions of fans. We will be using the huge amount of recognition surrounding the brand to build up a strong merchandise licensing programme covering not just the new title but significantly, the original as well.”

“While we concentrate our efforts on writing the code that propels vehicles into each other at high speed, and invent hilarious new ways to dispatch our hapless in-game victims, we do so knowing that the brand’s merchandising is in the best hands possible with our partners AT New Media,” adds Neil Barnden, Executive Director and Stainless Co-Founder.

‘Carmageddon Reincarnation’ will be released via digital download across various platforms and contain all the elements – ie, humour, sandbox play, state of the art physics, cutting edge graphics and violence – that made the earlier releases such a massive hit.

For further information on the unique elements of the Carmageddon brand, please click here 

If you are interested in the merchandising opportunities for Carmageddon please contact us 



Fantastic Article from Australia on why WORMS brings something the merchandising market needs….

24 02 2011

If you ever wanted an independent view this sums it up..

Just to say thanks to Michael Irving in Australia for the following article. We have lifted it in full and respect his personal views and opinion.. Potential licensee partners may find this useful to read…Not often we quote in full….

“Ever wanted your own pet worm?

No? Oh.

Well, how about one with huge eyes, a funny accent and a bazooka in its floaty armless hands?

Well, Team 17 is finally giving you worms. Plush worms. Toy worms. Worms on T-shirts. Worms everywhere, man.

After fifteen years of Worms video games, Team 17 are finally offering their invertebrate IP to worldwide licensing agent AT New Media. Put simply, this means we can expect to see Worms merchandise in stores in the near future.

I hadn’t thought of it until I heard this news, but the absence of a merchandising campaign for a franchise like Worms, a video game staple since 1995, is really quite strange. With such quirky characters, cutely designed and bursting with personality, the potential for plush Worms toys and figures is a huge untapped market.  Even the weapons have more personality than some video game characters, with classics like the Sheep, Concrete Donkey, Holy Hand Grenade, Banana Bomb, and the dithering Old Woman. I can’t wait to see what merchandise options they come up with for this one.

While the 3D iterations lost some of the finesse of the earlier 2D games, the franchise has reverted back to the old 2D gameplay, to become top-selling titles on the Playstation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, WiiWare, Nintendo DS, Steam and iOS platforms. With a strong merchandise line behind it, the franchise is likely to go from strength to strength. And maybe then I won’t be the only one wanting a pet worm with homicidal tendencies.”

Say no more 🙂

For more information on the licensing opportunity, please go to the relevant section by clicking here

We’ve Got WORMS!

18 02 2011

Classic Videogame Series Worms™ Launches Licensing Programme

UK-based brand owner Team17 has appointed licensing agency AT New Media.

For the first time, the hugely popular videogames franchise Worms™ is being offered to licensees, retailers and promoters for a range of merchandise, by UK-based brand owner Team17 Software Ltd. and its worldwide licensing agent AT New Media.

Worms™, which celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2010, is a bestselling, award-winning and hilarious turn-based strategy videogame.

With millions of players and fans, its irreverent mix of ludicrous action-strategy captivates and entertains audiences of all ages worldwide. The games feature colourful, cartoon-style action, cute characters and a variety of hilarious weapons. Players control a small platoon of anarchic yet charming worms across a deformable landscape, battling other computer or player-controlled teams. Since Worms™ was first unleashed into the video-gaming world in 1995, the intrepid invertebrates have been released on over 20 gaming platforms, selling approximately 30 million retail copies to date. The Worms™ brand has been at the forefront of modern distribution trends and has seen sales in excess of 10 million on mobile phone handsets, and also seen huge success on the new digital video-game platforms, with number 1 hits on Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation® Network, Apple’s App Store, and Steam for PC.

Key features of the series include  the ability to customize the worms with a ridiculous array of hats, hair, hands and glasses; its extensive variety of crazy, surreal and hilarious weaponry, ranging from grenades and homing missiles to exploding Sheep, Banana Bombs, the iconic Holy Hand Grenade, and even a mythical Concrete Donkey and its hilarious audio, with a large number of memorable catchphrases and taunts shouted by the worms during the course of battle, such as…”I’ll get you!”, “Revenge!”, “Stupid!”, “Traitor!”, “Incoming!” and “You’ll Regret That!”.

“We are very excited at the prospect of working with licensees, manufacturers and promoters,” says Debbie Bestwick, Managing Director and Co-founder, Team17 Software Ltd., “The Worms™ brand has a vast array of cheeky, funny and cute characteristics, which inspires great merchandise design. It’s something we’ve always been asked to do and now with the superb success of the Worms™ brand across social, digital and mobile gaming platforms we have the freedom and flexibility to pursue the opportunity fully.”

“When you realize that Worms™ does not already have an extensive licensing programme, you are amazed,” says Simon Kay, Business Development Director, AT New Media Limited, “AT New Media is so thrilled to have the opportunity to extend these popular and unique characters into a range of merchandise that ideally suits the consumer market today. We certainly envisage the Worms™ brand being successful in the areas of figurines and accessories, toys, books, plushes, apparel/clothing and even greeting cards.”

For more information and access to a Brand Deck, please click here or any of the images above.

Email Simon Kay via or Paul Comben via for more information.

Exciting new Addition to the AT New Media portfolio coming shortly

4 02 2011

This is really exciting…

We are on the edge of our seats here waiting to officially announce our new merchandising project.

AT New Media will in the coming week start informing the merchandising market of a new addition to our licensing portfolio.

With a company position that focusses on the interactive and digital licensing market, this project fits perfectly in to our Merchandise license offering. When we undertake merchandising projects we tend to focus on intellectual property that comes from the games and gaming market or that has transitioned through digital media to become a phenomena or a craze. This one fits this message beautifully.

Multiple product categories will be available immediately and if you want to know more on what this brand is ahead of time, why not contact us and arrange a chat at the Spring Fair next week.

More information will be placed here and via our twitter account @atnewmedia in due course.


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