#RememberThis: Some of our work in the Casino Slots Market – Can we help you?

29 09 2014

Over the years AT New Media has assisted numerous licensors and agencies with a review of digital games and gaming markets in to which they could license their intellectual property.

As a company we tend to constantly look at the brands that both have and have not been licensed in to any given digital gaming sector and what the potential could be for product development and licensing.

These markets have matured significantly over recent years and thanks to our knowledge of this market we have been able to support the licensing of many other brands in to this sector including but not limited to:

Contact AT New Media to find out more.

Contact AT New Media to find out more.

Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds:

AT New Media supported the licensing of this classic music icon at a time when the market had a notable shortage of musical based casino gaming content.

After a successful tendering process, the brand was developed in to a high quality casino game experience.

Within it’s class of gaming content it became a very solid performer across a number of operators across the globe.

The objectives of the client were met very well. The key in this instance was the commitment to develop a quality game experience that was fully engaged with the story and most notably the musical score which of course was also owned by Jeff Wayne himself.

Contact AT New Media to find out more

Contact AT New Media to find out more

Shoot Magazine: 

We have also negotiated agreements on behalf of agencies and consultancies that offer multiple licensing services but which perhaps do not go in to the detail that AT New Media does in the area in which we specialise.

AT New Media thinks through opportunities in a different way and it sometimes takes an external entity to listen to the opportunities, manage the strategy, and deliver the deals.

We have successfully worked with Bulldog Licensing on a couple of occasions and one of these was the timely connection for the Shoot brand and the casino market online.

The Shoot slot was very successful at a time when there was a lack of football specific casino slot games on the market.

Contact Us to find out more

Contact Us to find out more

The Sopranos:

Continuing our work supporting licensing agencies with moves in to new markets, we worked with Rocket Licensing and HBO on the licensing of the Sopranos in to this category.

This was probably the longest licensing process in this sector that we can remember.

With the talent being a core part of the necessary final product it was important for HBO to take the time necessary to deliver all the required clearances.

The final product was worth the wait and something  consumers enjoyed playing.

Sometimes the process of moving a brand in to these markets can be complicated and in the early days of the sector, the legalities were also very important to keep on top of, as indeed they still are today.

All brand owners and agents must be diligent in their approach to this market and all licensees should always be on top of regulation matters in all jurisdictions (have good lawyers too).

Contact AT New Media to find out more

Contact AT New Media to find out more

Battlestar Galactica:

Always on the lookout for a gap in the market as with the examples above, which cover various genres of IP, we also ventured in to Sci-Fi by supporting the licensing of this classic icon.

In this example we again worked with the local sub agent of the licensor to support the education of the parties concerned.

This was successfully done after a period of time and once the relevant talent had been cleared, the game was developed.

Not all casino slots reach the high levels of income that some expect but they still deliver fantastic in game experiences for the consumer.

On the whole, all licensors are pleased with the final products that are delivered within this sector and we hope we can support your brand or clients to move in to the sector too.

Contact AT New Media

Contact AT New Media


Another sector we wanted to explore was the retro game area.

This was successfully delivered through a relationship with Team 17 for the Worms game brand.

The game made a successful transition to the online slots market after a partner was found who understood the brand and the game mechanic needed.

After some quality development time, the slot delivered matched the fun and engagement level of the traditional games the brand was synonymous for.


Finally, AT New Media has also supported exploratory discussions in this sector for brands that are part of the Electronic Arts and Mattel brand portfolios.

Sometimes a commercial deal is not possible due to extenuating circumstances but we do our best to get the opportunities in front of core market potential licensees.



#RememberThis: Some of our work in the Social Games market. Can we help you?

29 09 2014
Contact us to find out how we can help you

Contact us to find out how we can help you

Social Games across numerous platforms have become a key part of any brand’s licensing program.

Me To You and My Blue Nose Friends:

Probably ahead of time, we assisted Carte Blanche Greetings with their digital licensing and marketing strategy.

We reviewed many areas including Social Games, iOS Applications and how to dovetail with an existing licensing strategy.

AT New Media worked closely with both the licensing and marketing departments at Carte Blanche Greetings to assist in the strategic evolution of their digital licensing strategy whilst fusing all elements with their marketing department.

The initial results were very noticeable with a successful iPhone app, Facebook Game, Music Album, and the subscription based game for My Blue Nose Friends.

The social game elements that were encouraged to be integrated by the brand and team were probably not exploited to their full potential but this may have been caused by more forward thinking from some departments than others. Even when an idea is sound and it is very progressive, the level of understanding on how to fully integrate and exploit it may not be.

Still, a wonderful project to have worked on.

Casper the Friendly Ghost makes his way to the social Slots Craze. Click image to see our "Find the Gap" article.

Casper the Friendly Ghost makes his way to the social Slots Craze. Click image to see our “Find the Gap” article.

Casper – Social Slot

Social Games have continued to mature on all devices over recent years.

One of the significant growth markets has been social slots on multiple platforms but notably on Facebook.

The winning of credits which are actually for cash means there is a revenue stream of note to be considered.

The fact that people spend money to aim to reach the top of a credits points based leaderboard may seem strange to some but it is a significant peer to peer competitive market.

We supported the licensing of Casper the Friendly Ghost in to this market.

AT New Media supports brand owners and content developers to engage with all games and gaming sectors

AT New Media supports brand owners and content developers to engage with all games and gaming sectors

Garfield – Social Slot

Following the successful licensing of Casper in to the social slots market, we continued to do the same with another classic brand in Garfield.

In this instance we helped the agency Bulldog with the licensing of the rights.

If you have a brand that you would like to take in to this market, please drop us a line to see if we can help you.

Of the many gaming sectors out there today, it is one of the most intriguing. The variance between successful products and those that are not is however sometimes significant.Thi

Gaps in the games and gaming market for branded products? We help fill them.

24 05 2013

“Find the Gap” – More proof we can deliver for you.

Casper the Friendly Ghost makes his way to the social Slots Craze. Click image to see our "Find the Gap" article.

Casper the Friendly Ghost makes his way to the social Slots Craze. Click image to see our “Find the Gap” article.

A couple of months ago we wrote an article entitled, “Find the Gap”.

If you did not see it you can click on the above link for more info.

Remember that saying, “The proof of the pudding, is in the eating”?

Well, we believe in this and even though not all projects may work out, more often than not we can find the gap and fill it.

Here is another example for you which takes the wonderful Casper brand in to the world of Social Slots.

AT New Media played a fundamental role in bringing this opportunity to bear with both licensee and licensor supporting the initiative from start to finish from a commercial point of view.

This is our role.

We found the gap in the Casper licensing program within the games and gaming genre, and plugged it with great support from all concerned.

If you are a brand owner or a licensee and need support adding to your portfolio of licensees in this sector or a licensee needing support to build relationships with relevant licensors, we could be good for each other.

More information on these services from our Brands and Content divisions can be obtained by contacting us.

Simraceway’s Dario Franchitti in new advert in build up to 2013 #Indy500. Race now on #Simraceway

24 05 2013

Amusing advert in build up to great event.

Engage in multiple races within the Simraceway Online Racing World now.

Engage in multiple races within the Simraceway Online Racing World now.

The Indy 500 is nearly upon us and as highlighted in our post last week, there is a virtual version within the Simraceway Online Racing World too.

If you are not enjoying the Open Beta of Simraceway yet, why not? It is free to get going and there even a few free cars to engage with too.

Someone else who is an active participant in the Simraceway project is the 2012 winner Dario Franchitti.

Here he is endorsing a well known brand of deodorant.

Helping others move in to the Games and Gaming market…New Release…

26 11 2012

More assistance offered by AT New Media

Pictures often tell a thousand words.
Sometimes words are too much.

So, just look at this.

Great new online slot for one of the greatest TV/SciFi brands.

AT New Media supports many licensors and agents move in to games and gaming sectors.

If you want support in your initiatives with proactive thinking, contact us.

Games and Gaming – Think AT New Media…


We help Bulldog and Pedigree take SHOOT to the Online Casino

28 02 2012

Microgaming announce agreement to take Shoot!

The world’s largest provider of online gaming software, has announced details of a new agreement with Pedigree Group Limited, the owner of the iconic Shoot brand, to develop an online slot game that will be launched this summer. The agreement has been brokered by licensing agents Bulldog Licensing Limited, who represent the rights to the brand, and who worked closely together with digital specialist AT New Media. It will see the company develop a brand new online casino game featuring iconic imagery from the top football magazine.

Shoot has captivated successive generations of football fans with sharp, incisive writing and contributions from the stars of the game, from Bobby Moore and Alan Ball right up to modern day legends such as Frank Lampard and John Terry, before moving into the digital era by becoming the first football magazine to be made available around the world on the Web. Today, Shoot continues to be recognised as one of the most respected and widely read sources of football journalism in the UKand is accessible through www.shoot.co.uk, via a mobile app from iTunes, on Android and in print through the hugely popular Shoot Annual.

The Microgaming agreement will add to an already strong programme of merchandise and activity on the Shoot brand. Bulldog has already announced deals with companies including Peter Black for a host of products exclusive to M&S, Portico for greetings cards and gifts, and Samuel Eden for socks, Poetic Gem for adult apparel and Iron Gut for framed wall art.

Roger Raatgever, CEO, Microgaming, comments: “There is a summer of soccer ahead and we will have a market-leading game with Shoot! that will kick it off in style.  We are delighted to be associated with this iconic brand and look forward to launching a game that will attract players at a time when they will be highly engaged in the sport. There will be no substitute!”

“We are delighted to be announcing this new deal,” says Bulldog MD Rob Corney. “Online gamers like brands they know and can identify with and Shoot fits the bill perfectly. This agreement once again highlights the brand’s huge versatility!”

AT New Media’s CEO Simon Kay said, “The SHOOT brand has great potential in this sector and it has been a pleasure working with Bulldog and Microgaming on bringing this opportunity to bear.”

If you are wondering if your Brand has the potential to move in to this growing sector and need support and assistance to do so, please contact Simon Kay

Top Multi-Platform Games Brands for Merchandising – An open minded perspective – You Vote

31 05 2011

After much discussion with some industry stakeholders we came up with an interesting list…

Before everyone jumps in with their own valued opinions on this, and we are sure there will be many, the list was based on the overall contribution and connection to a merchandising program a game has made as well as unit sales of the games themselves.

A complex yet intriguing combination which of course brings in elements of our own opinions as well.

Many other studies or surveys that have been done over recent years tend to focus on just games sales which naturally would lead to other brands being visible.

Other elements such at the depth of character and potential for ongoing merchandising across multiple merchandise product categories and how wide the potential audience is both in terms of product and demographics were also reviewed.

Importantly it is also based on reviewing game platforms that range from Wii and DS to Playstation, PSN, XBLA, Steam, Facebook, Online/MMOG, and Smartphone Apps.In fact all these platforms are represented in some form in the list below which is pretty impressive.

Furthermore, we also reviewed the position of various games brands if merchandising opportunities were to be fully available. Some of course are not fully available at the present time. Some restrictions apply like with Zynga for instance.

So without further ado, the top games brands for merchandising and in no particular order would be as follows.

Now it is your turn.  You get the chance to vote on your favourite out of 10 (there could have been many more) so we can see who comes out number one at the end of June. Why the end of June, well we have E3 and the Licensing Show this month, so it is a good month to see how this goes.

Please also note, the best selling game “ever” does not necessarily mean it is the best when it comes to a merchandising program or forming part of a merchandising strategy or integrated opportunity where there is greater potential.

Also, be aware, we have not included brands that have successfully gone in to video games as part of a merchandising strategy. There are of course some that have done that very successfully. That would be a totally different list which we will do subject to how this goes. No doubt, that would include brands like, The Simpsons, Spongebob, Lego, and Ben 10 to name just four, amongst others.

Finally, a note to a few of those that did not make it. These included Medal of Honour, Call of Duty, Halo, Rabbids, Pac Man, Space Invaders, Tetris, Homefront, and many more but it is certainly a list that we believe will prompt some good discussions and opinion.

If you want to tweet about this poll, please go ahead. Follow us on Twitter 

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