Supporting Licensees and Licensors in the Digital Content Market

6 09 2016

Whether you are buying or selling intellectual property in the digital content and gaming market, AT New Media, can support, advise and deliver on your licensing requirements.

As we head in to another part of the annual gaming and licensing show season, helping licensees and licensors develop and deliver on their strategies continues to please us.

We have recently begun projects in the downloadable console and mobile social game space to compliment our existing work in the online wagering sector.

Recent client strategies for license acquisitions have taken us to investigate and deliver opportunities spanning Movies, TV Series, Motor Racing and Football.

No matter what your objectives are, or even if you do not know what they are yet, AT New Media can support you at every step of the process.

Working with Licensors and Licensing Agents, has also become more prevalent over recent months and we are now pleased to be supporting those with rights in the Family, Quiz and Retro Computer Game genres.

If you are an Licensee, Licensor, or Agency, AT New Media have a service that could work for you.

Please feel free to get in contact with us and see how we may be able to assist you.

If you would like to review a few of our case studies please click with following links:

Support for those looking to acquire licences:

Support for those looking to sell licenses:

Finally, we would like to say thanks to our existing and long term partners who we continue to work with.

Finding and delivering on new opportunities takes special people and relationships and we continue to feel privileged to have quality connections with many fantastic stakeholders in this business.




Garfield and Casper get licensing support from AT New Media

2 09 2013

New Social Games ready to play thanks to support from AT New Media

AT New Media supports brand owners and content developers to engage with all games and gaming sectors

AT New Media supports brand owners and content developers to engage with all games and gaming sectors

It is with great pleasure that we can announce our continuing support for the interactive games and brand licensing business by assisting those concerned with the integration of both the Casper and Garfield brands in to the social slots market.

AT New Media continues to offer support to content developers, brand licensors and licensing agents alike to deliver exciting and engaging content where there are gaps in the market.

Our continuing analysis of what we call our matrix of opportunities continues to pay dividends with many exciting brand licensing deals continually being undertaken.

With such a dynamic sector that is the games and gaming market, there are always interesting new niches and genres within which to deliver opportunities.

Have fun playing with Garfield. Thanks to Bulldog Licensing.

Have fun playing with Garfield. Thanks to Bulldog Licensing.

The demographic of those playing these social games in Facebook was perfect for brands such as these and we are pleased to have been able to support the third parties involved to bring these projects to bear.

We have lost count of the number of brand licensing opportunities we have now delivered across all interactive games and gaming sectors from iOS apps through to fully blown online wagering casino games and social games.

AT New Media’s CEO Simon Kay, says, “We are yet again thrilled to have been able to support both the brand licensing sector and the game development business with another fulfilling project. All parties involved have been fantastic and we hope the project bears fruit for all concerned. We are sure they will. “

With nearly 20 years of dedicated experience that has been focused on the games and gaming sector on all levels, we are sure AT New Media will be able to support you. Whether you need support with an outbound digital licensing strategy for your brand or an inbound licensing strategy for your own games portfolio, we believe we have the relevant solution for you.

Finally, as stated in Digital Journal, player engagement within Slots Craze has been exceptionally high, with more than half of new players coming back to play again on their second day. Gamers have played more than 150 million spins in Slots Craze, winning more than 14 trillion virtual coins altogether. If they were real coins, that would buy Garfield and the entire population of the United States his favorite Lasagna treat three meals a day for approximately eight years!

That made us smile…..

If you are interested in finding out how AT New Media can support you, whether you are a developer, licensor, or brand licensing agency, please do not hesitate to contact us. partners with Virtual World Licensing & AT New Media for Brand Licensing program

1 07 2013

Exciting Addition to our Partner Roster – Education City

Engage with the leading online education portal and characters in the UK

Engage with the leading online education portal and characters in the UK

London, UK – 1st July 2013 –, the world’s leading online provider of curriculum driven engaging educational content for schools today announced the start of a new licensing partnership with Virtual World Licensing & AT New Media to roll out consumer-facing educational merchandise and app iterations of the brand globally.

AT New Media, CEO, Simon Kay said “With we have a huge opportunity to expand the brand into the consumer world of apps and tablets, to maximise the reach and educational influence of the brand. We’re working to secure industry leading app developers to work with in rolling out the program.”

“ is a brand we have been following for some time.” said Steve Reece, CEO, Virtual World Licensing “With its huge installed base and massive metrics, combined with market leading educational content, it’s known and respected by both children and parents, and as such we see a significant commercial opportunity for licensees in multiple categories.” can be found at: 

Great subjects and characters to engage with

Great subjects and characters to engage with

Since its founding in 1999, has remained faithful to its commitment to produce unparalleled educational experiences based on highly engaging content and exceptional quality.

Dedicated to creating new ways of delivering curriculum content, recognised with awards by educationalists and adored by children everywhere, pioneers the evolution of teaching with technology in the new digital learning era.
Today, is used and trusted by over 15,500 schools, including 43% of UK primary schools, with almost 3 million online activities completed each week.

Virtual World Licensing & AT New Media are leading UK based licensing agencies specializing in the world of gaming. With a team of interactive games and licensing experts they represent a growing portfolio of global game brands. Leveraging core brand strengths they create high performing product opportunities that extend virtual brands to the physical world.

“We are proud of the positive impact has on the educational development of children.” said Richard Whalley, MD, EducationCity Ltd. “We’re now looking to extend this positive impact beyond our core schools market via a program of carefully developed consumer-facing apps & physical products. Virtual World Licensing & AT New Media understand the unique nuances and integral educational credibility of our brand and will ensure that while our reach grows, the robust educational credentials of the brand and its positive educational influence are maintained.”

About is a leading developer and publisher of educational content for schools with offices in Rutland, UK, and Dallas and Minneapolis, USA. We employ over 100 people comprising talented artists, programmers, producers, trainers and school support teams. We have a large network of specialist educational advisors spanning the world.

In 2012 generated over £10 million in revenues and continue to invest heavily in both our online services and delivery capabilities. Including additional free product upgrades to maintain our market leading position, and ever greater capacity at our server farms housed in secure, enterprise level data centres in London, Minneapolis and Dallas, ensuring customers continue to enjoy faultless service provision.

Gaps in the games and gaming market for branded products? We help fill them.

24 05 2013

“Find the Gap” – More proof we can deliver for you.

Casper the Friendly Ghost makes his way to the social Slots Craze. Click image to see our "Find the Gap" article.

Casper the Friendly Ghost makes his way to the social Slots Craze. Click image to see our “Find the Gap” article.

A couple of months ago we wrote an article entitled, “Find the Gap”.

If you did not see it you can click on the above link for more info.

Remember that saying, “The proof of the pudding, is in the eating”?

Well, we believe in this and even though not all projects may work out, more often than not we can find the gap and fill it.

Here is another example for you which takes the wonderful Casper brand in to the world of Social Slots.

AT New Media played a fundamental role in bringing this opportunity to bear with both licensee and licensor supporting the initiative from start to finish from a commercial point of view.

This is our role.

We found the gap in the Casper licensing program within the games and gaming genre, and plugged it with great support from all concerned.

If you are a brand owner or a licensee and need support adding to your portfolio of licensees in this sector or a licensee needing support to build relationships with relevant licensors, we could be good for each other.

More information on these services from our Brands and Content divisions can be obtained by contacting us.

Want to race in a Virtual Indy 500? Join Simraceway and you can #indy500

17 05 2013

Virtual Indy 500 now available to enter in the build up to the great race

Have you ever wanted to race in the Indy 500?

Many have and in the build up to this year’s real world event, you have the chance to engage in the Simraceway online racing world.

Watch the video to learn more.

AT New Media supports games and gaming companies with their license acquisition and relationship marketing efforts with licensors around the world and in multiple genres.

If you need support in this area, please contact us.

Celebrate the 2013 FIA WEC start with some great cars on Simraceway

15 04 2013

Fantastic to see some classy endurance vehicles….

Race some classic Endurance Racing Cars now on Simraceway.

Race some classic Endurance Racing Cars now on Simraceway.

The first race of the 2013 FIA World Endurance Championship season took place at Silverstone on Sunday, and the team at our license acquisitions client, Simraceway (SRW), marked the occasion with a special car release.

Not just one, but a bunch of Events and Quick Races featuring Silverstone and Le Mans Prototype racers, and free test drives in no less than three legendary cars.

Our favourite was the just released Le Mans-winning Bentley Speed 8 which is now available to race on the SRW tracks.

If you have not yet engaged with the evolving World that is Simraceway, perhaps you should go and check it out.

Click on the image to go straight there.

If you are interested in our brand licensing services or any of our work and would like to learn more, please contact us.

Ever wanted to race a driving legend in real time online. You can now…

16 01 2013

Simraceway brings you a chance to race Allan McNish

Join Simraceway now and have the chance to race legend Allan McNish on Jan 21st

Join Simraceway now and have the chance to race legend Allan McNish on Jan 21st

Very special guest to make an appearance on Monday January 21st.

Yes, it is true.

You will have the chance to race against the legend that is Allan McNish in Simraceway.

He will race in the Expert Session of You vs Simraceway and in the Audi R18-TDi which he has become synonymous with.

If you want to find out more, please click the image to the left and get involved.

AT New Media are pleased to be supporting the Simraceway project and their integrated asset licensing program.

If you would like to find out how we can support you and your game to leverage content revenues through brand licensing, please contact us.

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