Forever Friends Christmas for iOS 10 Messenger Sticker Store. Available now..

8 12 2016

Following up the #2 position in the UK Paid and Grossing Charts with the original Sticker pack with a Christmas Offering

Get your Forever Friends Christmas Sticker pack now.

Only 79p and available by clicking on the below link:

We are pleased to be have been able to support Neon Play and Hallmark Cards to bring this opportunity to bear.


AT New Media can not only help your brand plan for new media and gaming opportunities but we can also help deliver partnerships.

Whether you are a brand owner, content developer, publisher or marketing organisation we would welcome the opportunity to work with you.


Supporting Licensees and Licensors in the Digital Content Market

6 09 2016

Whether you are buying or selling intellectual property in the digital content and gaming market, AT New Media, can support, advise and deliver on your licensing requirements.

As we head in to another part of the annual gaming and licensing show season, helping licensees and licensors develop and deliver on their strategies continues to please us.

We have recently begun projects in the downloadable console and mobile social game space to compliment our existing work in the online wagering sector.

Recent client strategies for license acquisitions have taken us to investigate and deliver opportunities spanning Movies, TV Series, Motor Racing and Football.

No matter what your objectives are, or even if you do not know what they are yet, AT New Media can support you at every step of the process.

Working with Licensors and Licensing Agents, has also become more prevalent over recent months and we are now pleased to be supporting those with rights in the Family, Quiz and Retro Computer Game genres.

If you are an Licensee, Licensor, or Agency, AT New Media have a service that could work for you.

Please feel free to get in contact with us and see how we may be able to assist you.

If you would like to review a few of our case studies please click with following links:

Support for those looking to acquire licences:

Support for those looking to sell licenses:

Finally, we would like to say thanks to our existing and long term partners who we continue to work with.

Finding and delivering on new opportunities takes special people and relationships and we continue to feel privileged to have quality connections with many fantastic stakeholders in this business.



Garfield and Casper get licensing support from AT New Media

2 09 2013

New Social Games ready to play thanks to support from AT New Media

AT New Media supports brand owners and content developers to engage with all games and gaming sectors

AT New Media supports brand owners and content developers to engage with all games and gaming sectors

It is with great pleasure that we can announce our continuing support for the interactive games and brand licensing business by assisting those concerned with the integration of both the Casper and Garfield brands in to the social slots market.

AT New Media continues to offer support to content developers, brand licensors and licensing agents alike to deliver exciting and engaging content where there are gaps in the market.

Our continuing analysis of what we call our matrix of opportunities continues to pay dividends with many exciting brand licensing deals continually being undertaken.

With such a dynamic sector that is the games and gaming market, there are always interesting new niches and genres within which to deliver opportunities.

Have fun playing with Garfield. Thanks to Bulldog Licensing.

Have fun playing with Garfield. Thanks to Bulldog Licensing.

The demographic of those playing these social games in Facebook was perfect for brands such as these and we are pleased to have been able to support the third parties involved to bring these projects to bear.

We have lost count of the number of brand licensing opportunities we have now delivered across all interactive games and gaming sectors from iOS apps through to fully blown online wagering casino games and social games.

AT New Media’s CEO Simon Kay, says, “We are yet again thrilled to have been able to support both the brand licensing sector and the game development business with another fulfilling project. All parties involved have been fantastic and we hope the project bears fruit for all concerned. We are sure they will. “

With nearly 20 years of dedicated experience that has been focused on the games and gaming sector on all levels, we are sure AT New Media will be able to support you. Whether you need support with an outbound digital licensing strategy for your brand or an inbound licensing strategy for your own games portfolio, we believe we have the relevant solution for you.

Finally, as stated in Digital Journal, player engagement within Slots Craze has been exceptionally high, with more than half of new players coming back to play again on their second day. Gamers have played more than 150 million spins in Slots Craze, winning more than 14 trillion virtual coins altogether. If they were real coins, that would buy Garfield and the entire population of the United States his favorite Lasagna treat three meals a day for approximately eight years!

That made us smile…..

If you are interested in finding out how AT New Media can support you, whether you are a developer, licensor, or brand licensing agency, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Little Princess App featured on Milkshake this week. Great start to the Holidays.

30 07 2013

Chart movement follows Channel 5 feature and social promotion

Get the Little Princess I want to Play app now on iOS devices

Get the Little Princess I want to Play app now on iOS devices

Throughout this week, the official Little Princess iOS app will be featured following the show on Channel 5’s Milkshake Show in the UK. 

Watch this space for more exciting developments with character brands and apps that are both fun and educational over the coming months. 

We are pleased that this app continues to perform and welcome the support of both Channel 5, the Milkshake team, and of course licensor Zodiak Rights. 

If you are interested in finding out how AT New Media can support you in either the development of your apps or through brand license acquisition strategies, please do contact us

If you would like to download the Little Princess app, please click on the image to the left and you will be taken straight to the relevant store to purchase. 

For a limited time only the application is also only 99p. 


Simraceway’s Dario Franchitti in new advert in build up to 2013 #Indy500. Race now on #Simraceway

24 05 2013

Amusing advert in build up to great event.

Engage in multiple races within the Simraceway Online Racing World now.

Engage in multiple races within the Simraceway Online Racing World now.

The Indy 500 is nearly upon us and as highlighted in our post last week, there is a virtual version within the Simraceway Online Racing World too.

If you are not enjoying the Open Beta of Simraceway yet, why not? It is free to get going and there even a few free cars to engage with too.

Someone else who is an active participant in the Simraceway project is the 2012 winner Dario Franchitti.

Here he is endorsing a well known brand of deodorant.

Want to race in a Virtual Indy 500? Join Simraceway and you can #indy500

17 05 2013

Virtual Indy 500 now available to enter in the build up to the great race

Have you ever wanted to race in the Indy 500?

Many have and in the build up to this year’s real world event, you have the chance to engage in the Simraceway online racing world.

Watch the video to learn more.

AT New Media supports games and gaming companies with their license acquisition and relationship marketing efforts with licensors around the world and in multiple genres.

If you need support in this area, please contact us.

The Corkscrew arrives in Simraceway. Now that is certainly one to try this weekend.

10 05 2013

Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca joins the tracks on Simraceway

The Corkscrew... Join Simraceway now and enjoy

The Corkscrew… Join Simraceway now and enjoy

Ever wanted to drive the Corkscrew at the weekend?

Well, this is not something to do with a problem bottle of wine you cannot open.

No this is to do with one of the greatest looking sections of any racetrack on the planet.

We think so anyway.

So, here is yet another reason to join the Simraceway Online Racing World this weekend.

Just click the image to start the process.

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