Hungry Shark Promotions during Shark Week pay dividends.

15 08 2013

Fans bite off more than they can chew during Shark Week extravaganza 

Shark Week plush price promotion continues for a few more days. Click to see more

Shark Week plush price promotion continues for a few more days. Click to see more

Across the board, both in terms of game downloads, app content sales, and plush collectible sales, Shark Week on the Discovery Channel proved a massive catalyst again for Hungry Shark.

Fans are loving the game and their limited edition Hungry Shark Great White plush.

If you are looking for a summer promotion that encompasses apps and great merchandise in the middle of August in 2014, you can bet this franchise will be successful again.

Why not take a bite out of it and contact AT New Media for further details on how you can engage with the Hungry Shark brand over this key time of year.

If you have not played the game yet, you can get it via the following links (Free)

If you are interested in the plush (limited edition offer around the week of Shark Week and the one after), you can find out more here:

Finally, we are seeking new merchandising partners for Hungry Shark for now and in to 2014, so please contact us for further information.


Summer Sizzler Promotion for Alligator Creative and LaLaLoopsy App

15 08 2013

Lalaloopsy continues to evolve in the app space. 

Discount over the summer on the LaLa Creative Play app. Click to see in iOS App Store

Discount over the summer on the LaLa Creative Play app. Click to see in iOS App Store

Summer Sizzler.

The LaLaLoopsy: Colour and Sticker Fun app from Alligator Creative Play is now only 99c or 69p.

You can download it from the Apple and Google Play Stores via the links below.

If you are looking to get in to this market and need support to potentially do it yourself with a guiding hand from AT New Media, we can help.

Click here for more information.

Little Princess App featured on Milkshake this week. Great start to the Holidays.

30 07 2013

Chart movement follows Channel 5 feature and social promotion

Get the Little Princess I want to Play app now on iOS devices

Get the Little Princess I want to Play app now on iOS devices

Throughout this week, the official Little Princess iOS app will be featured following the show on Channel 5’s Milkshake Show in the UK. 

Watch this space for more exciting developments with character brands and apps that are both fun and educational over the coming months. 

We are pleased that this app continues to perform and welcome the support of both Channel 5, the Milkshake team, and of course licensor Zodiak Rights. 

If you are interested in finding out how AT New Media can support you in either the development of your apps or through brand license acquisition strategies, please do contact us

If you would like to download the Little Princess app, please click on the image to the left and you will be taken straight to the relevant store to purchase. 

For a limited time only the application is also only 99p. 


Lalaloopsy Makes Digital App-earance thanks to Alligator, AT New Media, and developer Fairplay

19 12 2012

Great new Creative Play App available for NOW for Christmas. 

Now Available on iOS and Google Play for Christmas

Now Available on iOS and Google Play for Christmas

Leading children’s publisher Alligator Books has announced the release of a new app featuring top girls property Lalaloopsy, as part of a process of digital expansion project managed by sector specialist AT New Media and created with top digital talent FairPlay Media Limited.

The new app is fun and easy to use and allows kids to utilise fingertip crayons and stamps to colour in high quality pictures of the Lalaloopsy dolls and create their very own digital stickers – the app features 27 unique sticker outlines and 4 gorgeous backdrops, as well as a wide range of colours.

The Lalaloopsy app is the latest venture from the publisher’s new digital department – Alligator Creative Play, which publishes fun and innovative apps for children based upon both solely owned and third party licensed content. An app featuring hit Carte Blanche property Me to You, as well as two generic versions, have already launched and this successful move into the digital space has been assisted at all levels by AT New Media’s Project Management Division.

Click to download on iOS

Click to download on iOS

“This is another strong release from Alligator and is part of an ongoing process of digital development that is designed to capitalise on the huge rise in parents and young children using smartphones and tablets together,” explains Simon Kay, CEO of AT New Media. “We have been helping to facilitate this whole process through using our knowledge and experience in the digital space to assist with not only the acquisition of rights, but also development of the actual content. This is just the start; we have exciting plans in the pipeline and are currently looking for more licensors interested in linking up with Alligator.”

This type of collaboration represents just part of the service AT New Media offers – the agency also helps brand owners looking to maximise opportunities and revenue for intellectual properties through transition into the interactive, online, mobile, digital, interactive and online gambling markets, as well as developing merchandising opportunities and revenue for successful digital brands.

Thanks to an operation that is totally dedicated to games, gaming, or digital content, AT New Media is increasingly viewed as the go to agency for anyone looking to generate additional revenues and exposure through intellectual property licensing in this sector.

Think Gaming, Think AT New Media.

Little Princess – “I Want to Play” – Now Available for iPhone and iPad

5 08 2011

Fantastic new App from Jick Jack (Part of Neon Play Group)

Birmingham, UK, August 5th 2011.  Jick Jack, an affiliate of Neon Play Ltd, a successful developer of apps for Apple iPhone and iPad, amongst other platforms, has released its first branded children’s application.


In a deal brokered by AT New Media with Zodiak Rights, Little Princess “I Want to Play”, is now available on the Apple App store and is receiving some fantastic feedback. 

Click the image above to review and purchase.

AT New Media (Content Acquisitions Division), who have been appointed by Neon / Jick Jack to seek and secure licences to famous brands and characters on its behalf, are very excited.

Neon Play has published several highly successful apps under its own brand and the move in to the dynamic children’s sector was a natural progression for the business.

If you are interested in how AT New Media can assist you with license acquisitions, please contact us. 

Exciting new Gummybear App available on iPhone. Music Video has well over 60 Million You Tube views.

24 02 2011

All those fans who love this character will have fun with this

Prepare to be entertained...

The colourful music phenomena that is Gumybear aka Gummibar is now available to play with on the App Store.

The original Music Video which has been top of the iTunes Dance Charts (and still is) has received well over 60 Million You Tube views.

You can see the original video of the music here…

Why not download the game and have some fun. Your kids will surely love this…

If you are interested in finding out more about Gummibar aka Gummybear, please contact us

Mr Bump App goes Live Tomorrow…

9 11 2010

Exciting News for the Mr. Men

It is with great excitement that AT New Media, can announce that the long awaited arrival of the Mr.Men and Little Miss franchise on the App Store in the form of a game is nearly upon us.

Yes the Game has been approved by Apple and will be LIVE tomorrow.

Mr. Bump has the honour of leading the Mr.Men in the Games World and we believe you will all enjoy the experience.

We will post the official link here as soon as we can tomorrow 09/11/10

Watch out for more fun with the Mr.Men in the coming weeks and months as more character led games are released.

Yes, it is true, you may play the games just like you read the books. Which character will be next? Watch this space.

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