#RememberThis: Some of our work in the console game market. Can we help you?

29 09 2014
Contact Us to see how we can help you.

Contact Us to see how we can help you.

PDC World Darts Championship:

Over the years we have licensed many brands in to the console game market on behalf of brand owners and licensing agencies.

One of our favorites has to be timing of the Wii version of PDC World Darts many years ago now.

The fact we licensed the rights on behalf of Matchroom Sports was one thing. The fact it was the number 2 pre order product at the time on that platform is another.

Testament to the timing of all involved to seize the opportunity.

That led to successful subsequent released on other platforms.

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AT New Media was fundamental in developing the licensing strategy for one of the greatest children’s TV shows of recent times in our minds.

The timing, as with many of these opportunities would prove to be critical and could this alignment happen.

Console most notably Wii was going to be very important for this brand as would market entrance in time for the transition to Kinect.

Two deals of note were ultimately signed with different partners and additional handheld and mobile platform opportunities were pursued to follow the initial agreements.

Product development directions were great but publisher arrangements were to prove a little more difficult.

The more protracted that became the more time went against the project and the window of opportunity for the desired Christmas market to get the ball rolling. Missing that would mean the demographics of the platforms and console life-cycle transitions would be against the brand.

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We spent a period of approximately 9 months with ITV Global Entertainment consulting on numerous opportunities for their brands.

This included negotiating console and handheld deals for their own brands such as Coronation Street and I’m A Celebrity, through to partner brands such as Countdown and Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

Agreements for multiple platforms were agreed and this also stretched to terminal games such as Amusement with Prizes and Skills with Prizes experiences.

Reviewing the timing of potential content on such platforms for new shows such as Colour of Money was also part of the strategic remit and a substantial growth in revenue from this strategic move on their part was secured.

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Mr Men and Little Miss:

One of the most engaging brands of all time in our opinion, it was a joy to work on some console concepts for the Mr Men and Little Miss characters a few years ago.

The console market at the time was ripe for such opportunities and it was a shame that the publishers for games did not see it the way we are our partners at the time did.

From Mr Men Racing to multi sports concepts for all platforms, along with concepts targeting girls, the ideas were endless.

The opportunities remain numerous still today and we hope to see these great characters appear on a myriad of platforms from console to mobile and social soon.

Our strategic work on idea generation and concept development was very well met but finalising the kind of commercial agreement that would work for all concerned proved illusive for a little too long.


AT New Media continue to support many organisations with their initial strategic ideas and directions in the console and handheld space and we hope we will one day be able to help you too.


Future Games of London: 50m downloads to date, 40m target for 2013

16 01 2013

Milestone for Hungry Shark developer as it heads to PC and Mac

More Hungry Sharks in action. Plush available. Click Image to get yours

More Hungry Sharks in action. Plush available. Click Image to get yours

As reported in Gamesindustry.biz today, Hungry Shark developer Future Games of London has passed 50 million downloads of its games on iOS, Google Play and the Amazon App Store – and is targeting as many as 40 million more in 2013.

This is great news for the company and key franchises like Hungry Shark on which AT New Media has been working.

To celebrate this news, the January sale of the official Hungry Shark Great White plush has started via licensee Battleant.

They have reduced the pricing on the official plush toy to £8.99 for the UK and $11.95 for USA and AUS with immediate effect to celebrate this news. Click the image above to be taken to the Taymai store to get yours now.

If you are interested in learning more about Hungry Shark and the merchandising opportunities available, please contact AT New Media.

Start the New Year with the Jaguar XKR-S

11 01 2013

Tame the fastest ever production Jaguar in Simraceway

What a way to race in to the New Year.

Race one of the best...

Race one of the best…

Simraceway brings you one of the greatest cars.

The Jaguar XKR-S was unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show as the pinnacle of the second-generation XK range launched in 2006.

Reflecting many of the Ian Callum-designed visual modifications made to the rest of the line-up in a major 2011 facelift, the XKR-S also features a lower ride height, an aggressive front fascia complete with twin air intakes and carbon-fiber splitter, 20-inch alloys, a premium package of aerodynamic accoutrements—including the first separate rear wing ever seen on an XK—and an active exhaust system that ensures the big cat sounds as good as it looks.

It’s powered by the same 5.0-liter supercharged, third-generation AJ-V8 used in the deposed range-topper, the XKR. However the boffins at the legendary British marque have managed to coax an additional 39 horses out of the gate, and its upgraded output of 542 bhp not only launches the XKR-S from 0-60 mph in a dizzying 4.2 seconds, it also gains it entry to the exclusive 300 km/h club.

To find out why its creators are calling it the fastest production car they’ve ever produced, buy the Jaguar XKR-S today on Simraceway.

AT New Media continues to support many great developers, publishers, and brands establish a position in emerging games and gaming markets. If you would like our support, please contact us.

Hungry Shark Evolution is now FREE… Get it now on iOS, Google Play, and more..

11 12 2012

Graphics full of bite now available for Free…

Join in the fin!

Join in the fin!

Today marks a special day in the life of the Hungry Shark game franchise.

The latest installment, Hungry Shark Evolution is now Free.

If you have not yet played it and seen the graphics and gameplay in all their glory, you certainly need to.

You don’t have to have an Apple device only either, although we think it looks great on our iPad 3.

Play now and download here.

Helping others move in to the Games and Gaming market…New Release…

26 11 2012

More assistance offered by AT New Media

Pictures often tell a thousand words.
Sometimes words are too much.

So, just look at this.

Great new online slot for one of the greatest TV/SciFi brands.

AT New Media supports many licensors and agents move in to games and gaming sectors.

If you want support in your initiatives with proactive thinking, contact us.

Games and Gaming – Think AT New Media…


Exclusive Images from WORMS™ Revolution Game Development

13 04 2012

A few Environments from the new game come to life….

We are very excited about the forthcoming release of Worms Revolution.

It is part of the 2012 roll out of major released for the franchise and we are looking forward to bringing the merchandising project closer to these new developments. More on that soon.

In the meantime, enjoy these great examples of the new 2D meets 3D artwork with imagery from the Beach and Sewer environments within which your teams of Wormswill battle it out. 

These environments again show the depth of character and variance that this game brings merchandise licensees.

Currently seeking additional collectibles and role play partners to join the project.

Please contact us for more information

“Computer Games and Merchandise. Surely not.” – LIMA Blog Feature

22 03 2012

The merchandise licensing industry is slowly catching on to games…. 

Merchandising around “computer game” brands could surely only be for the hardcore gamer and they are all spotty teenagers who sit in dark rooms and play with their mates. They are “Pizza Geeks” who drink coke and play games all night long. Right?

Wrong – that is definitely not so, times have changed and this is very much a generational shift…..

Less than 12 months ago, Simon Kay, CEO of AT New Media was asked by a licensing industry reporter, “So why has games merchandising not worked out yet”? His answer (to someone who was clearly not a gamer) was: “How can it until the decision makers all over the industry begin to accept influences from a generation that has grown up playing computer games.”

That reporter was lost for words….

Read more on this subject now on the LIMA website 

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