Remember the #CrazyFrog? There was some news this week.. But was it factually correct?

2 03 2017

crazy-frog-51d03246b47ebWe couldn’t help ourselves when we saw this earlier this week…

Back in 1997, a sound arrived.

Yes, it was the notorious “D..Ding Ding Ding…”.

The rest is history.

However, contrary to many reports in the National and International Media this week, it was not the Crazy Frog which was 20 years old.. It was just the sound that went on to become synonymous with Jamba, MTV and ringtones.. Remember them?

Well, we can confirm, having managed the global merchandising for the Crazy Frog aka The Annoying Thing, that there was no image until 2003.

So for all you Frog lovers out there, please note the 20 year birthday of our amphibian friend is actually in 2023. You will have to wait a little longer…

For now, please enjoy one of his many music successes. Click below link to relive something “special.”

Crazy Frog does Axel F


Seasons Greetings. Best Wishes for 2017

23 12 2016

Thanks to all our network and clients….

A quick message to everyone involved in the games, gaming, and intellectual property licensing market to say thanks for all the support in 2016.

It has been an enjoyable year with new projects and initiatives including the Christmas Forever Friends Stickers.


Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas all the best for 2017.

Please do get in touch if there is anything we can assist you with.

Whether you are a developer, publisher, licensor or licensing agency, we welcome your queries and questions at any time.

Forever Friends Christmas for iOS 10 Messenger Sticker Store. Available now..

8 12 2016

Following up the #2 position in the UK Paid and Grossing Charts with the original Sticker pack with a Christmas Offering

Get your Forever Friends Christmas Sticker pack now.

Only 79p and available by clicking on the below link:

We are pleased to be have been able to support Neon Play and Hallmark Cards to bring this opportunity to bear.


AT New Media can not only help your brand plan for new media and gaming opportunities but we can also help deliver partnerships.

Whether you are a brand owner, content developer, publisher or marketing organisation we would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Forever Friends iOS 10 Messenger Stickers approach the top…

5 12 2016

Top 3 Paid and Grossing in the Apple iOS 10 Messenger Sticker store this weekend.


If you haven’t yet engaged with the wonderful Forever Friends Stickers available on iOS 10, why not pick up them up today?

Click below for more details:


Forever Friends comes to the iOS Message Sticker Store

29 11 2016

The perfect calling card. Neon Play and Hallmark partner up to deliver the most delightful stickers. Licensing support via AT New Media.

Sometimes, pictures tell a thousand words. In this instance they do.

You can get hold of these wonderful stickers now by clicking below. The categories you will find these stickers in within the store are Celebrations and Kids & Family.

This link will take you to the app store page:

Make sure you keep an eye out for additional sticker packs at Christmas and other occasions as we move in to 2017.

If you are a developer, publisher, brand owner or agency and need support leveraging any digital content or gaming opportunity, please reach out to us to see if we can help you.

Shoot Wagering Slot continues to score..

24 11 2016

Mobile version from Microgaming now available.. Retro Soccer Annuals seen in their prime. Licensor support from AT New Media.

Now in to it’s second season, we hope there is no second season syndrome for the official Shoot annual online wagering slot.

Shoot The Voice of Football Logo

Contact AT New Media to find out more

Just like our beloved AFC Bournemouth, we hope the new mobile versions of the game will continue to be worthy of the Shoot title.

Bringing back memories of footballing greats from yesteryear and an age when you felt you could relate to footballers a lot more than perhaps you might today.

You can play the game on multiple operators and enjoy some classic mini games.

One example can be seen here in the original online version when the game was first released.

Click this text to see the original Shoot wagering slot in action.

We are actively seeking a partner for social casinos, so if you are interested, please do get in touch.

Whether you are a developer, publisher, brand owner or agency, we welcome new interest in the sector and how we may be able to support your objectives.

Contact us for further information.

New Star Cricket – Android version comes in to bat…

23 11 2016

After an amazing opening stand on iOS, Android comes to the crease….

If you hadn’t noticed, New Star Cricket reached #1 in the iOS Sports Games charts last week.

The first in game partnerships with Gunn and Moore (Current Bat Partners) and CricketWorld (Current Media Partner) are up and running.

You can download the Android version here:

New Star Cricket Android Version



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