#NewStarSoccer 2.0 is LIVE on iOS

27 09 2016

Available NOW on iOS. Additional versions coming soon…

The biggest update to New Star Soccer yet is now available to download for iOS..

This new version not only has updated league competitions for 2016/17, but also has a completely new graphical look, with brand-new menu style, in-match visuals, animations and effects along with a brand new replay option. And even better, you can swap between the new look or play with the classic, retro look whenever you like!

This new version also has loads of bug fixes, game balancing and the return of the ability to listen to your music while playing the game.

With the support of AT New Media, we are also delighted to announce that FourFourTwo will be an in game sponsor for the next few months.

Simon Read, creator of New Star Soccer, said “We are very excited to be teaming up with FourFourTwo. Having their world renowned brand in the game really adds an extra layer of realism.”

David Hall, Editor-in-chief of FourFourTwo, said “We are delighted to be involved with New Star Soccer for their new update. The partnership blends together perfectly for both brands and will showcase a unique working relationship.”

Watch out for many exciting engagements with FourFourTwo over the coming months including ones like the Star Man example below. 

New Star Soccer can be downloaded for free here:- https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/new-star-soccer/id498973162?mt=8


Top Cat! Great to see such a classic in the gaming space 

7 09 2016

Top Cat is back..

If you didn’t see the adverts in the UK by the Halifax Bank, they couldn’t have been aired at a better time to “support” the release of the official Top Cat slot. 

It looks great, plays great, and it’s performance is, well, great…

The awareness Top Cat received accidentally was appreciated by all concerned. 

AT New Media are always grateful to all the stakeholders involved in giving their support. Everyone needs to work together for a product to become a success.

Thanks to our associates at Warner Bros for enabling this to come to market and the development talents at Blueprint for making it.

If you’d like to know how to get your brand in to this space or need support with your future gaming licensing strategy, why not get in touch with AT New Media and see how we can help you. 

Supporting Licensees and Licensors in the Digital Content Market

6 09 2016

Whether you are buying or selling intellectual property in the digital content and gaming market, AT New Media, can support, advise and deliver on your licensing requirements.

As we head in to another part of the annual gaming and licensing show season, helping licensees and licensors develop and deliver on their strategies continues to please us.

We have recently begun projects in the downloadable console and mobile social game space to compliment our existing work in the online wagering sector.

Recent client strategies for license acquisitions have taken us to investigate and deliver opportunities spanning Movies, TV Series, Motor Racing and Football.

No matter what your objectives are, or even if you do not know what they are yet, AT New Media can support you at every step of the process.

Working with Licensors and Licensing Agents, has also become more prevalent over recent months and we are now pleased to be supporting those with rights in the Family, Quiz and Retro Computer Game genres.

If you are an Licensee, Licensor, or Agency, AT New Media have a service that could work for you.

Please feel free to get in contact with us and see how we may be able to assist you.

If you would like to review a few of our case studies please click with following links:

Support for those looking to acquire licences:

Support for those looking to sell licenses:

Finally, we would like to say thanks to our existing and long term partners who we continue to work with.

Finding and delivering on new opportunities takes special people and relationships and we continue to feel privileged to have quality connections with many fantastic stakeholders in this business.



#RememberThis: Some of our work in the Casino Slots Market – Can we help you?

29 09 2014

Over the years AT New Media has assisted numerous licensors and agencies with a review of digital games and gaming markets in to which they could license their intellectual property.

As a company we tend to constantly look at the brands that both have and have not been licensed in to any given digital gaming sector and what the potential could be for product development and licensing.

These markets have matured significantly over recent years and thanks to our knowledge of this market we have been able to support the licensing of many other brands in to this sector including but not limited to:

Contact AT New Media to find out more.

Contact AT New Media to find out more.

Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds:

AT New Media supported the licensing of this classic music icon at a time when the market had a notable shortage of musical based casino gaming content.

After a successful tendering process, the brand was developed in to a high quality casino game experience.

Within it’s class of gaming content it became a very solid performer across a number of operators across the globe.

The objectives of the client were met very well. The key in this instance was the commitment to develop a quality game experience that was fully engaged with the story and most notably the musical score which of course was also owned by Jeff Wayne himself.

Contact AT New Media to find out more

Contact AT New Media to find out more

Shoot Magazine: 

We have also negotiated agreements on behalf of agencies and consultancies that offer multiple licensing services but which perhaps do not go in to the detail that AT New Media does in the area in which we specialise.

AT New Media thinks through opportunities in a different way and it sometimes takes an external entity to listen to the opportunities, manage the strategy, and deliver the deals.

We have successfully worked with Bulldog Licensing on a couple of occasions and one of these was the timely connection for the Shoot brand and the casino market online.

The Shoot slot was very successful at a time when there was a lack of football specific casino slot games on the market.

Contact Us to find out more

Contact Us to find out more

The Sopranos:

Continuing our work supporting licensing agencies with moves in to new markets, we worked with Rocket Licensing and HBO on the licensing of the Sopranos in to this category.

This was probably the longest licensing process in this sector that we can remember.

With the talent being a core part of the necessary final product it was important for HBO to take the time necessary to deliver all the required clearances.

The final product was worth the wait and something  consumers enjoyed playing.

Sometimes the process of moving a brand in to these markets can be complicated and in the early days of the sector, the legalities were also very important to keep on top of, as indeed they still are today.

All brand owners and agents must be diligent in their approach to this market and all licensees should always be on top of regulation matters in all jurisdictions (have good lawyers too).

Contact AT New Media to find out more

Contact AT New Media to find out more

Battlestar Galactica:

Always on the lookout for a gap in the market as with the examples above, which cover various genres of IP, we also ventured in to Sci-Fi by supporting the licensing of this classic icon.

In this example we again worked with the local sub agent of the licensor to support the education of the parties concerned.

This was successfully done after a period of time and once the relevant talent had been cleared, the game was developed.

Not all casino slots reach the high levels of income that some expect but they still deliver fantastic in game experiences for the consumer.

On the whole, all licensors are pleased with the final products that are delivered within this sector and we hope we can support your brand or clients to move in to the sector too.

Contact AT New Media

Contact AT New Media


Another sector we wanted to explore was the retro game area.

This was successfully delivered through a relationship with Team 17 for the Worms game brand.

The game made a successful transition to the online slots market after a partner was found who understood the brand and the game mechanic needed.

After some quality development time, the slot delivered matched the fun and engagement level of the traditional games the brand was synonymous for.


Finally, AT New Media has also supported exploratory discussions in this sector for brands that are part of the Electronic Arts and Mattel brand portfolios.

Sometimes a commercial deal is not possible due to extenuating circumstances but we do our best to get the opportunities in front of core market potential licensees.


#RememberThis: Some of our work in the Social Games market. Can we help you?

29 09 2014
Contact us to find out how we can help you

Contact us to find out how we can help you

Social Games across numerous platforms have become a key part of any brand’s licensing program.

Me To You and My Blue Nose Friends:

Probably ahead of time, we assisted Carte Blanche Greetings with their digital licensing and marketing strategy.

We reviewed many areas including Social Games, iOS Applications and how to dovetail with an existing licensing strategy.

AT New Media worked closely with both the licensing and marketing departments at Carte Blanche Greetings to assist in the strategic evolution of their digital licensing strategy whilst fusing all elements with their marketing department.

The initial results were very noticeable with a successful iPhone app, Facebook Game, Music Album, and the subscription based game for My Blue Nose Friends.

The social game elements that were encouraged to be integrated by the brand and team were probably not exploited to their full potential but this may have been caused by more forward thinking from some departments than others. Even when an idea is sound and it is very progressive, the level of understanding on how to fully integrate and exploit it may not be.

Still, a wonderful project to have worked on.

Casper the Friendly Ghost makes his way to the social Slots Craze. Click image to see our "Find the Gap" article.

Casper the Friendly Ghost makes his way to the social Slots Craze. Click image to see our “Find the Gap” article.

Casper – Social Slot

Social Games have continued to mature on all devices over recent years.

One of the significant growth markets has been social slots on multiple platforms but notably on Facebook.

The winning of credits which are actually for cash means there is a revenue stream of note to be considered.

The fact that people spend money to aim to reach the top of a credits points based leaderboard may seem strange to some but it is a significant peer to peer competitive market.

We supported the licensing of Casper the Friendly Ghost in to this market.

AT New Media supports brand owners and content developers to engage with all games and gaming sectors

AT New Media supports brand owners and content developers to engage with all games and gaming sectors

Garfield – Social Slot

Following the successful licensing of Casper in to the social slots market, we continued to do the same with another classic brand in Garfield.

In this instance we helped the agency Bulldog with the licensing of the rights.

If you have a brand that you would like to take in to this market, please drop us a line to see if we can help you.

Of the many gaming sectors out there today, it is one of the most intriguing. The variance between successful products and those that are not is however sometimes significant.Thi

#RememberThis: Some of our work in the Mobile content market. Can we help you?

29 09 2014
Crystal Quest

Contact us to learn more

We have been able to support the development of strategies and subsequent licensing out of many brands in the mobile content market over the years.

This has included a wide array of classic and current brands, some of which are detailed here:

Crystal Quest:

This was the very first colour game released for the Macintosh. It was revitalized as one of the first batch of 6 games that were built into Microsoft Vista and soon after that time we supported the licensing of it to mobile, specifically iOS.


Contact AT New Media to found out more

Mr Men and Little Miss:

AT New Media (Brands) assisted Chorion with their review of the interactive games market and what could be the best routes to market for the longevity of this classic brand (without over exploiting it too soon).

Interactive Games licensing strategy reviewed with AT New Media and focus had been the official roll out of mini games on the iOS platform with licensee Digital Goldfish releasing a steady flow of mini games based on classic Mr. Men and Little Miss characters.

Additional platform developments in process at the time of acquisition by Sanrio. AT New Media continues to oversee limited elements of this project but all new opportunities are managed by Sanrio direct.



Contact AT New Media

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Soundboard:

Not all mobile content needs to be games.

Content can be soundboards among many other utility ideas.

You can therefore break up your brand in to numerous licensing opportunities.

We are always interested in exploring new ideas and markets and at the time this was developed not only was the Soundboard phenomenon at its peak but the rumors around this brand were too.

Working with the owner of the rights, we thought it would be great to see if the market leader in these productions would be interested in making a soundboard at the time of new movie rumors.

This objective was achieved successfully but the commercial results were not spectacular.

However, sometimes you have to try things out and this is what we did here.

If you would like us to get our thinking caps on for your brand, why not give us a try.

We will happily give you the benefit of our knowledge for an initial consultation and review.


Contact AT New Media

Haynes Manuals:

Perhaps an idea ahead of its time but this was a utility idea of AT New Media.

The concept was one of many presented to the Haynes brand a number of years ago but this shows the diversity of our thinking.

As well as reviewing the potential for puzzle games, among others, we looked at utilities.

Even though we felt the game angles were the best, the utility one seemed to be the easiest to try first.

Not all efforts are successful however. Even if the thinking behind the idea are sound it does not always mean you get the backing and content access you ideally need.

Integration of ideas in to overall commercial marketing would also be nice as well but not always deliverable.

#RememberThis: Some of our work in the console game market. Can we help you?

29 09 2014
Contact Us to see how we can help you.

Contact Us to see how we can help you.

PDC World Darts Championship:

Over the years we have licensed many brands in to the console game market on behalf of brand owners and licensing agencies.

One of our favorites has to be timing of the Wii version of PDC World Darts many years ago now.

The fact we licensed the rights on behalf of Matchroom Sports was one thing. The fact it was the number 2 pre order product at the time on that platform is another.

Testament to the timing of all involved to seize the opportunity.

That led to successful subsequent released on other platforms.

Contact AT New Media to learn more


AT New Media was fundamental in developing the licensing strategy for one of the greatest children’s TV shows of recent times in our minds.

The timing, as with many of these opportunities would prove to be critical and could this alignment happen.

Console most notably Wii was going to be very important for this brand as would market entrance in time for the transition to Kinect.

Two deals of note were ultimately signed with different partners and additional handheld and mobile platform opportunities were pursued to follow the initial agreements.

Product development directions were great but publisher arrangements were to prove a little more difficult.

The more protracted that became the more time went against the project and the window of opportunity for the desired Christmas market to get the ball rolling. Missing that would mean the demographics of the platforms and console life-cycle transitions would be against the brand.

Contact AT New Media for more on how we could help you


We spent a period of approximately 9 months with ITV Global Entertainment consulting on numerous opportunities for their brands.

This included negotiating console and handheld deals for their own brands such as Coronation Street and I’m A Celebrity, through to partner brands such as Countdown and Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

Agreements for multiple platforms were agreed and this also stretched to terminal games such as Amusement with Prizes and Skills with Prizes experiences.

Reviewing the timing of potential content on such platforms for new shows such as Colour of Money was also part of the strategic remit and a substantial growth in revenue from this strategic move on their part was secured.

Contact Us to find out more on how we can help you

Mr Men and Little Miss:

One of the most engaging brands of all time in our opinion, it was a joy to work on some console concepts for the Mr Men and Little Miss characters a few years ago.

The console market at the time was ripe for such opportunities and it was a shame that the publishers for games did not see it the way we are our partners at the time did.

From Mr Men Racing to multi sports concepts for all platforms, along with concepts targeting girls, the ideas were endless.

The opportunities remain numerous still today and we hope to see these great characters appear on a myriad of platforms from console to mobile and social soon.

Our strategic work on idea generation and concept development was very well met but finalising the kind of commercial agreement that would work for all concerned proved illusive for a little too long.


AT New Media continue to support many organisations with their initial strategic ideas and directions in the console and handheld space and we hope we will one day be able to help you too.

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