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Game Development Services Now Available

AT has joint-ventured a development services division that can deliver apps and games on multiple platforms.


This services division is squarely aimed at agents and licensors who want to control and own more of the commercial upside of their properties and integrate the interactive digital offering directly into their marketing activity whilst also dovetailing this component with their licensing strategy.

Simon Kay, AT New Media CEO says, “It is a common misconception in the industry that the only option available to a licensor is to license out rights. That is no longer the case. With development costs for some platforms now being substantially lower than in the past, forward-looking licensors should be considering developing, controlling and offering their own interactive component. This also means the digital interactive component can integrate directly into the marketing and cross-merchandising plans as well as retaining, where generated, a higher revenue share.”

Simon continues, “For over 15 years I have been involved with interactive games and the console gaming business with a predominant licensing focus where the development platform options were limited and expensive. With other options increasingly available such as Android/iOS apps,  handheld devices, and social games, now is the right time to offer support to licensors and agents who want to look at enhancing their brand with control of their own direct development. We are a company that understands the important position such projects could take in both their licensing and marketing strategies and through the joint-venture can now deliver that option for them”.

Production services are also available and with an eye for strategic opportunities in this space, as witnessed by the recent project AT undertook with Carte Blanche Greetings (Me to You aka Tatty Teddy) where AT assisted with the project that has seen the brand span an integrated approach to music, apps, gaming, and connected retail concepts, there are other options that can be reviewed with AT.

“Having a development capacity is a natural evolution for AT New Media, and whilst we will continue to offer our existing licensing services we can now offer a significant additional service for all those in the industry. Helping licensors and agents navigate the complex business of code development is the next logical step in the growth of AT New Media. says Simon”

AT is actively seeking to work with companies who are unsure about how to approach the ever expanding and very significant digital interactive component of their brand/property and can now offer their in-house interactive development option as well as the traditional licensing route.

For further information on how we can help you, please contact Simon Kay  




Further Points of Note:

  • How do you decide whether to invest, partner or license? Licensors and Agents often lack detailed knowledge and analysis of the technological and financial models behind licensed games and apps, for platforms including Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox360, Iphone, Facebook, and all others. Whether investing directly or managing the development process, this service now fills that gap.
  • How do you decide who to work with? Rights owners and game developers are working together more regularly on more and more complex platforms and there is a need for skilled project & financial management, to increase mutual success. Ultimately which development option will deliver what is required.
  • What is the right option? Many rights owners fail to bridge the gap between their brands and suitable games, because they do not understand the games, distribution and commercial options, or importantly create games concept designs to help them develop content or sell licences.
  • So how does this work then? We offer a development solution that understands your business of licensing. Not only development options but a comprehensive option solution, including rigorous analysis at the pre-development stage, such as game design, project planning, budget scrutiny, resource gathering and SWOT analysis.  During development, management will include design and budget controls, scheduling, approvals, milestone targets and marketing planning.
  • Sounds a little complicated? Not really. You just need to think it through with people who understand. Think AT New Media.

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23 09 2010

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