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Join the Universe by clicking this image and see more.

Join the Universe by clicking this image and see more.

Before we (AT New Media and our partners in this space – Virtual World Licensing) agree to work with App, Virtual World or Gaming Brands, we look at the level of ‘Toyetic’ appeal the Brand has, and how easily it will translate into other types of merchandise.

When looking at Space Heroes Universe, our analysis revealed a very high rating for Toyetic appeal & merchandising potential. Space Heroes is one of the most highly toyetic Virtual World brands we’ve looked at.

Once we were assured of this fact we began to investigate the story behind the Brand itself, and it’s a compelling narrative:

  • Created by an award winning developer in Australia.
  • A true multi-media Brand, with Virtual World, Apps, animated cartoons released via digital channels inc. YouTube.
  • A roadmap for development that’s platform-agnostic evolving from a traditional web-based context to a mobile future
  • Available in 15 languages.
  • Strong back story featuring the perennially attractive themes of Space, Heroes & Villains.
  • Strong character universe supporting all major merchandising categories.
  • Ongoing heavyweight marketing campaign.
  • A parent-friendly approach – focused on fun, but considering age-appropriate content,  safety and privacy
  • Massively engaged user base.
  • Opportunity for integrated marketing i.e. promotion of licensed physical products in the online experience.
  • Recognition from kids and parents, having secured Creative Child Magazine’s 2012 Game of the Year as well as the Mom’s Choice Awards Silver Medal and a Parent’s Choice Approved Award.

Based on this heavy hitting Brand story, we’re currently working to rollout Brand Licensing across EMEA for Space Heroes Universe.

To find out more about how acquiring a Space Heroes Universe product license can work for you, please email:

Simon Kay or  Steve Reece


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