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Merchandising Support for Game and Digital Character Brands

Over the years, AT New Media has worked on various merchandising programs associated with games and digital character brands.

Some of those are briefly detailed below.

We have also teamed up with additional industry experts such as Virtual World Licensing (Toys) to enhance our current toy and creative offering to clients.

Our work on any project varies considerably and is subject to the opportunity and the delivery required by the company, client, or agent concerned.

If you are interested in how we can support your initiatives, please contact us.

Education City

Great subjects and characters to engage with

Great subjects and characters to engage with


Since its founding in 1999, has remained faithful to its commitment to produce unparalleled educational experiences based on highly engaging content and exceptional quality.

Dedicated to creating new ways of delivering curriculum content, recognised with awards by educationalists and adored by children everywhere, pioneers the evolution of teaching with technology in the new digital learning era.
Today, is used and trusted by over 15,500 schools, including 43% of UK primary schools, with almost 3 million online activities completed each week. can be found at: 

Space Heroes Universe

Join the Universe by clicking this image and see more.

Join the Universe by clicking this image and see more.

Before we (AT New Media and our partners in this space – Virtual World Licensing) agree to work with App, Virtual World or Gaming Brand, we look at the level of ‘Toyetic’ appeal the Brand has, and how easily it will translate into other types of merchandise.

When looking at Space Heroes Universe, our analysis revealed a very high rating for Toyetic appeal & merchandising potential. Space Heroes is one of the most highly toyetic Virtual World brands we’ve looked at and is only set to grow over the coming years.

Contact Simon Kay for more information on merchandising opportunities around Space Heroes Universe (

Hungry Shark is evolved in to Merchandise

Hungry Shark Evolution

Click to find out more

Prior to its acquisition by Ubisoft, AT New Media worked with Future Games of London on their Hungry Shark brand.

AT New Media supported Future Games of London with their targeted merchandising development as they looked to continue to build longevity and a wider fan base for the franchise.

Starting with plush collectibles and digital content messaging services, we offered support and advice and delivered opportunities relevant to their merchandising requirements.

Carmageddon came to a T-Shirt near you

Click to find out more

Carmageddon is a series of games featuring hilarious and brutal race car action created by UK independent developer Stainless Games. First released in the late 90’s, the controversial, multi-million selling and critically acclaimed franchise is due to be re-booted with a major new release – ‘Carmageddon Reincarnation’.

AT New Media supported targeted concepts and ideas with initial consultation with the Stainless team following previous engagement with Director Patrick Buckland.

We’ve Had Worms!

Click for Full Brand Summary PDF

For the first time a few years ago, the hugely popular videogames franchise Worms™ was offered to licensees, retailers and promoters for a range of merchandise.

With millions of players and fans, its irreverent mix of ludicrous action-strategy captivates and entertains audiences of all ages worldwide. The games feature colourful, cartoon-style action, cute characters and a variety of hilarious weapons.

AT New Media worked on the initial merchandising strategy and agreements for the brand, which was slightly scuppered by the market and the timing of arrival compared to other brands like Angry Birds hitting their peak. Suffice to say, we believe this move was slightly ahead of its time and it will have more opportunities over time.

The Worms™ brand continues to be at the forefront of modern distribution trends and has seen sales in excess of 10 million on mobile phone handsets, and also seen huge success on the new digital video-game platforms, with number 1 hits on Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation® Network, Apple’s App Store, and Steam for PC.

Oh I am Gummybear, Yes I’m a Gummybear…..!

This character’s official name is GUMMIBÄR and he was a great success story and actually continues to be so online which is where he was born. He is  a “yummy tummy funny lucky gummy bear” and is an internet music sensation with music sales and views on the internet in the tens of millions.

More info:

If you are looking for Gummibär and The Gummy Bear Song, please click on the banner below to visit

We had notable merchandising success in southern Europe where the character began to crossover from the internet and music to the mainstream. The US has also saw a huge upsurge in interest.

Crazy Frog aka The Annoying Thing!

Back in the day before apps were even born to the level they are today, a Frog took over the Internet and Mobile Networks and became a Global Sensation with a small element of musical genius as well.

AT New Media assisted all licensors associated with this character to generate extensive revenues through an integrated multi territory merchandise licensing approach.

We always say pictures tell a thousand words so linking to some of the many online destinations where the Crazy Frog aka The Annoying Thing can still be found seems most appropriate..

This project showed that AT New Media and its Merchandising Division has the ability to manage an integrated global merchandising initiative for internet/new media characters that have potential to crossover in to the traditional merchandise sector. With over 400 SKU’s Worldwide this was a phenomena and the fact that licensing deals and products were turned around so fast, assisted with its success at retail.

Here are some images of some of the products licensed and to this day some products continue to raise interest.

Sweety the Chick!

Almost concurrently with the success of the Crazy Frog aka The Annoying Thing, many girls fell in love with Sweety the Chick.

Significantly behind the Frog in terms of uptake, ultimately due to the massive success of the Frog, Sweety never achieved the same level of SKU’s. However, in Europe, the project was a success.


Jeb 3.6 million views on you tube

Our Merchandise division assisted with the growth of merchandising opportunities for Jeb online and through limited targeted product categories

Further information available on request. Enjoy the below. A great off-shoot from the Crazy Frog


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