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Toy and Merchandise Licensing – Developing Toy and Merchandising Opportunities in parallel with Digital Content and Game Development

Contact Us about our expanded services

Contact Us about our expanded services

Our Toy and Merchandise consultancy is promoted under the brand, AT New Media Virtual World Licensing. This is a partnership between AT New Media and Virtual World Licensing (Press Release).

The division is led by Simon Kay (AT New Media) and Steve Reece (Virtual World Licensing).

Simon has over 15 years of multi format brand licensing experience supporting licensors, licensing agents, and significantly game developers and publishers develop all types of branded content in the digital and interactive games sector.

Steve  has managed Toy companies and ventures trading in over 60 countries worldwide, managed in excess of 200 commercial & licensing contracts and worked with brands valued at $billions in value.

AT New Media Virtual World Licensing offers bespoke toy and merchandising consultancy through to full representation services for intellectual properties emerging specifically from all sectors of the interactive, social, and video gaming market. Working with clients to assist them with establishing relationships with companies that can translate their brands into toys and merchandising opportunities and revenues.

Unlike many traditional licensing agents and consultants AT New Media Virtual World Licensing is focused on toys and interactive

Contact Steve Reece at Virtual World Licensing

Contact Steve Reece at Virtual World Licensing

content (games and characters) and everything we work on has a touch-point in this market. We believe that makes us unique, in that we know toys and interactive games and we understand what both developers and publishers in this sector are looking for from a merchandising consultant or agent, plus we know what the Toy market is seeking.

AT New Media Virtual World Licensing listens to the requirements of clients and works with them to build the bespoke service and toy merchandising program they are seeking.

One hat does not fit all, and every client has their own unique set of objectives and requirements.

The combination of both interactive games and toy licensing experts means we have the perfect support base to build your foundation in this market and grow your interactive game and merchandising programs in a convergent manner.

AT New Media Virtual World Licensing works on either:

  • Consulting and advising clients on toy and merchandising opportunities and how to navigate through the process
  • Developing full merchandising strategies in tandem with interactive games
  • Executing specific projects by character or territory, as part of an overall cohesive marketing and licensing strategy.

Key Services offered are (options):

  • Rights and product review.
  • Discuss objectives and locate high quality partners
  • Ongoing status reports
  • Pitch documents and proposals
  • Negotiate with licensees on proposed commercial terms (vary by product)
  • Contract and approvals guidance
  • Dispute resolution
  • Performance reviews and renewal
  • …. and more.

Main benefits to licensors and owners:

  • Saving management time for running the core business
  • Access to concentrated expertise and understanding
  • Knowledge of premier licensees in core categories
  • Introductions to new and important licensee
  • Negotiation of the best available licensing terms
  • Cost-effective and smooth-running licensing process where applicable
  • Ongoing availability of a team who have the ability to demonstrate knowledge of the sectors and products and assist in driving revenues
  • Long-term competitive advantage and stakeholder value

Free to you:
1) Initial consultation meeting,
2) No employee expenses: tax, insurance, national insurance and workspace.

Terms are based on the time devoted to your company on either a fee, commission or combination approach, plus reasonable applicable expenses.

Over the years, the staff of AT New Media and Virtual World Licensing have recognised the potential for some significant merchandising programs which have included but are not limited to ‘The Annoying Thing’ a.k.a. Crazy Frog, Worms, and many more.

With our support and assistance we can not only help you integrate the mechanics necessary to evolve your brand in to the toy world but navigate the sector and license manufacturers to produce all types of fantastic products throughout the World in retail and leisure outlets, as well as direct to your consumers.

Please contact Simon Kay or Steve Reece for information on these services and our current projects.


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