Sample – PlayerX

Now Owned by Zed Entertainment, PlayerX were a fantastic company to work with

AT Content, our License Acquisitions Division, started working with Player X, the company was a dynamic and versatile one, beating many older competitors in the mobile phone games market

The market for mobile content has certainly moved on since Player X was originally set up but the direction in which the business was taken was very akin to the requirements for mobile developers today


–        Rely upon branded licensed games, to win distribution and sales via network operators

–       AT New Media worked with them from the time they had 4 staff in 2004 until late 2007, to seek and secure licensing agreements from major brand owners


–       Licences signed included Miami Vice, Wallace & Gromit and Family Fortunes, from Universal Studios, Aardman & DreamWorks and Fremantle Media

–       The licensed games opened new sales channels for Player X, which by the end of 2007 had received 2 rounds of investor funding and employed 50 staff across 5 continents, supplying mobile content to over 100 customers

–       Player X beat larger companies to retain its direct supply agreements, during a period of harsh consolidation, with 02, Vodafone and T-Mobile

For more information about AT New Media’s license acquisition services, please contact Simon Kay


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