AT Content – References

Please find below some sample reference quotes concerning projects concluded by AT New Media Directors. If you require more details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Oli Christie, CEO, Neon Play – “We appointed ATNM to help find us some of the top children’s licences. And we’ve been delighted with their network and the results. Our iPhone games for Ben 10 and Little Princess have both topped the Kids game charts”

Steve Murray, Director of Games Media – “We have been very happy with the service received which has been delivered in a thorough and professional manner.”

Sonnia Park-Dionisio, Senior Product Marketing Manager of Disney – “Although Disney group companies own a lot of famous intellectual properties, Disney Mobile still licenses in certain rights, in order to offer carriers and consumers the best available entertainment content. AT Content is the foremost licensing consultancy for interactive rights and provides us with all of the expertise and information we need.”

Colin Anderson, COO of Waterfront Entertainment – “thoroughly impressed by the speed with which we got into negotiations.”

Tracie Schurr, Director of Marketing, American Greetings Interactive “We did not hesitate to appoint AT New Media”,

Tony Pearce, CEO of Player X– “We teamed up with AT New Media at an early stage to build our business and have grown exponentially after securing important games licences.”

These are just a few of our Client References. To learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us


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