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Crystal Quest

We have been able to support the development of strategies and subsequent licensing out of many brands in the mobile content market over the years.

This has included a wide array of classic and current brands, some of which are detailed here:

Crystal Quest:

This was the very first colour game released for the Macintosh. It was revitalized as one of the first batch of 6 games that were built into Microsoft Vista and soon after that time we supported the licensing of it to mobile, specifically iOS.

Contact AT New Media to found out more

Contact AT New Media to found out more

Mr Men and Little Miss:

AT New Media (Brands) assisted Chorion with their review of the interactive games market and what could be the best routes to market for the longevity of this classic brand (without over exploiting it too soon).

Interactive Games licensing strategy reviewed with AT New Media and focus had been the official roll out of mini games on the iOS platform with licensee Digital Goldfish releasing a steady flow of mini games based on classic Mr. Men and Little Miss characters.

Additional platform developments in process at the time of acquisition by Sanrio. AT New Media continues to oversee limited elements of this project but all new opportunities are managed by Sanrio direct.

Contact AT New Media

Contact AT New Media

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Soundboard:

Not all mobile content needs to be games.

Content can be soundboards among many other utility ideas.

You can therefore break up your brand in to numerous licensing opportunities.

We are always interested in exploring new ideas and markets and at the time this was developed not only was the Soundboard phenomenon at its peak but the rumors around this brand were too.

Working with the owner of the rights, we thought it would be great to see if the market leader in these productions would be interested in making a soundboard at the time of new movie rumors.

This objective was achieved successfully but the commercial results were not spectacular.

However, sometimes you have to try things out and this is what we did here.

If you would like us to get our thinking caps on for your brand, why not give us a try.

We will happily give you the benefit of our knowledge for an initial consultation and review.

Contact AT New Media

Contact AT New Media

Haynes Manuals:

Perhaps an idea ahead of its time but this was a utility idea of AT New Media.

The concept was one of many presented to the Haynes brand a number of years ago but this shows the diversity of our thinking.

As well as reviewing the potential for puzzle games, among others, we looked at utilities.

Even though we felt the game angles were the best, the utility one seemed to be the easiest to try first.

Not all efforts are successful however. Even if the thinking behind the idea are sound it does not always mean you get the backing and content access you ideally need.

Integration of ideas in to overall commercial marketing would also be nice as well but not always deliverable.


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