Remember the #CrazyFrog? There was some news this week.. But was it factually correct?

2 03 2017

crazy-frog-51d03246b47ebWe couldn’t help ourselves when we saw this earlier this week…

Back in 1997, a sound arrived.

Yes, it was the notorious “D..Ding Ding Ding…”.

The rest is history.

However, contrary to many reports in the National and International Media this week, it was not the Crazy Frog which was 20 years old.. It was just the sound that went on to become synonymous with Jamba, MTV and ringtones.. Remember them?

Well, we can confirm, having managed the global merchandising for the Crazy Frog aka The Annoying Thing, that there was no image until 2003.

So for all you Frog lovers out there, please note the 20 year birthday of our amphibian friend is actually in 2023. You will have to wait a little longer…

For now, please enjoy one of his many music successes. Click below link to relive something “special.”

Crazy Frog does Axel F




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