New Star Soccer and AT New Media. A good match…

8 09 2016

Updated version arriving soon with some promotional relationship marketing support via AT New Media.

As part of our ongoing commitment to expand our range of support services that span not only intellectual property licensing, but integrated promotional marketing and social media engagement, we are pleased to have helped the team behind New Star Soccer over recent months.

Building up to the release of a fantastic update to one of the greatest mobile soccer games has been both engaging and exciting.

AT New Media has worked on introducing this great product to third party brands and promotional opportunities that will lead to an evolving engaging in game and social experience.

Watch this space and look out for the updated version of #newstarsoccer on both the #Apple and #Google app stores in the near future.

You will not be disappointed.

With over 21 Million downloads to date and with a DAU at its peak of 700,000, this is a fantastic example of a mobile soccer success story.

If you have a requirement to engage with this audience, why not contact us and see how we can take your brand further with New Star.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the team at New Star Games for their support and engagement in this process.





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