Space Heroes Universe is growing all the time, as is the interest from merchandising professionals….

8 05 2013

Only a few days in and it is evolving nicely…

Join the Universe by clicking this image and see more.

Join the Universe by clicking this image and see more.

Many merchandising professionals are beginning to wonder how to manage the review process for all the social games that are coming to market, but we tend to keep it simple.

Metrics and engagement are ultimately the key attributes when reviewing any game franchise.

Be that social, console, app or anything, performance indicators such as those often win out.

Space Heroes Universe is one of those exciting propositions that we are now working on with Virtual World Licensing and we are already hopeful that the metrics on display continue to evolve in the right direction.

They certainly are at the moment and we are impressed.

So should potential merchandise licensees….

We have already received notifications of interest as we build our plans to promote the opportunity more widely in EMEA, so if you want to learn more, or are just intrigued by this opportunity, you should contact us as soon as possible.



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