#GDC2013 New Venture To Deliver Toy Licensing Consultancy To Gaming & Social Brands

27 03 2013

A new expanded solution for Digital Content, Games Developers, and Publishers

Contact Us about this new service with Virtual World Licensing's Steve Reece

Contact Us about this new service with Virtual World Licensing’s Steve Reece

With GDC now in full swing, leading consultancy groups AT New Media, and Virtual World Licensing today announce a new venture.

AT New Media Virtual World Licensing, which adds to the existing AT Merchandise offering, will offer Consultancy services to Gaming, Social and Virtual Brands seeking to enter the world of Toy Licensing.

AT New Media CEO Simon Kay said;

“At a time when the social game and app market is what everyone is talking about, it is important to offer the market high quality solutions. This new venture brings together two parties with strong and complimentary skill sets and contact networks, enabling us to offer a powerfully effective solution to those gaming and social brands who want to increase their revenue via toy licensing. By working with Virtual World Licensing we will be able to focus on delivering enhanced value using our mutual intimate knowledge of the Games and Toy worlds.”

Virtual World Licensing CEO Steve Reece said;


Click to find out more on our new Toy partner, Steve Reece and Virtual World Licensing. Our new combined consulting team offers both understanding and solutions that are perfect for the games and digital content business.

“We’re finding more and more digital brands are seeking to enter the Toy market. The challenge for many of them is that they have normally done a fantastic job of building their brands, but don’t have the knowledge, resources or expertise in toy licensing and publishing to enable them to efficiently maximise the opportunity, while managing the brand and ensuring a two way flow of benefits – the brand creating licensing revenue, and the licensing program creating further ‘buzz’ and buy-in from consumers. By partnering with AT New Media, we combine our intimate knowledge of the toy market in the UK, Europe, North America and beyond, with cutting edge insight and presence in the Gaming world.”

Both companies are keen to stress that is a Consultancy first, and Agency second. The new venture will first manage the brand licensing road-map for digital brands to ensure the brand’s are ready for licensing, and to allow for tweaking to increase likely revenue, before pursuing potential licensees and licensing partnerships.

For more information, please go to click on the relevant logos in this post. 

About AT New Media

Think Games, Think Gaming, Think Apps, Think Social, Think Merchandising….Think AT New Media. Headed up by Simon Kay, the company offers consultancy and agency services that are solely focused on licensing opportunities within the digital games, and gaming market. Simon Kay has over 15 years of multi-format brand licensing experience supporting licensors, licensing agents, and significantly game developers and publishers who are looking for growing support in this sector. 

About Virtual World Licensing

Virtual World Licensing was founded by Toy industry veteran Steve Reece to facilitate the entry of digital brands into the toy market. Steve previously worked for Hasbro, Activision and Imagination. He has managed Toy companies and ventures trading in over 60 countries worldwide, managed in excess of 200 commercial & licensing contracts and worked with brands valued at $billions in value.



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