Worms now on Facebook. Are you Playing?

19 03 2013

You have to play now….

Time to engage on Facebook.

Time to engage on Facebook.

Worms is now available on Facebook.

Yes, it has been a while coming, but it is there now.

If you have not played recently, now is the time to get engaged.

We also thought we would use this opportunity to share the news that Worms is now also available to play on Singapore Airlines as part of a new IFE (In Flight Entertainment) initiative.

Now that is sweet.

We hope additional airlines will soon follow suit.

We can imagine the fun of the great asynchronous play on an airline.

Send a Super Sheep to Seat 21 A…

Get a Concrete Donkey back.

Finally, a recent survey by Dubit (Market Research) has indicated that Worms is the third most played game by kids at the moment.

Along with Angry Birds (way up front) and Cityville/Farmville (classified together), Worms came in at number 3 which is great news.

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about merchandise licensing opportunities around Worms.




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