Tell All Your Mates About It aka Taymai takes a bite with Hungry Shark Plush promotion

7 12 2012

Get your limited edition Hungry Shark Evolution Plush, and Taymai..

Now that's a Shark! Get yours now from Taymai.

Now that’s a Shark! Get yours now from Taymai.

Next week will see the fantastic graphics prevalent in the game Hungry Shark Evolution become visible to the masses.

AND, it will not just be the game that consumers will engage with.

It will also be the limited edition Hungry Shark Collectible Plush exclusively being sold via the evolving gaming and merchandising community, Taymai (Tell All Your Mates About It).

Christmas is coming, and if you enjoy the game and the brilliant lead character, you should go ahead and purchase one of the plush sharks.

The Great White is the lead character in game and this is not any normal Great White Shark.

As you can see from the image, he certainly has some bite.

So, why not get yourself one or purchase for someone special  this Christmas while the opportunity is still there.

Hungry Shark Evolution is a fantastic game and we love the iOS version which you can get here:

Hungry Shark Evolution – iOS – Download now

The plush is available from the Taymai Hungry Shark Store which can be accessed here:

Limited Edition Hungry Shark Evolution Plush – Order Here

AT New Media, would like to apologise for this blatant promotion of what is a fantastic game and limited edition collectible but some things are just worth getting excited about. 



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