Helping others move in to the Games and Gaming market…New Release…Part 2

27 11 2012

Supporting new brand licensing ventures in Games and Gaming across the board.

Yesterday we highlighted one of the new online slots gaming products coming to market which have benefited from the support services of AT New Media. Well today, we have another video to share.

So, once again, pictures tell a thousand words…

AT New Media works with developers and publishers, as well as brand owners across the spectrum of games and gaming content.

From smartphone to casino slots and social gaming, our core objective is to find the valuable brand licensing opportunities across all digital games and gaming content sectors.

If you need assistance to drive revenues from this and other associated markets, through branded content, AT New Media has a service to support you.

Whether you are a developer, publisher, brand owner, or licensing agent, our proactive approach to the market and technology means there is probably something we can support you on either now or in the future.

Please contact us for further information on how we may be able to support you.

Think brand licensing in games and gaming, Think AT New Media.



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