Is it time for you to work with us? Shall we make something together?

12 11 2012

Believe in AT New Media? Contact Us, and see how we can bring your gaming and merchandising together, be that real or virtual. Or both..

OK, so we may be a brand licensing company, but we are focused on the games and gaming business at all levels, are small, and hence able to make quick decisions on new opportunities.

Over the years we have done this pretty well with projects that have covered both merchandising and digital licensing.

But in most cases, if not all, we have been helping others to find their way in the sector.

So, is it about time we started making our own products?

Well, the time could be coming.

For the best part of 10 years AT New Media has been working in the games and gaming business bringing many companies and brands together from traditional T-Shirts to virtual cars to branded online casino games.

We have countless numbers of case studies where games and gaming together with merchandising have delivered very good results and we feel our knowledge and connections should be used in many more productive ways.

If you are a developer or more importantly investor and want to connect with a company that knows games and gaming and what it takes to deliver multiple revenue streams through brand licensing and merchandising from what is a fantastic and convergent sector, then talk to us.

Who knows where it could lead.

Contact us to learn more and feel free to look through this Blog to see some of our work. Yes, just some of it.



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