Taymai Gaming and Gaming Merchandise Community continues to “love” the industry #taymai

25 10 2012

Join in at Taymai.com

Join In the Community at Taymai.com. Click to see more

Ever wondered what it would be like to join a community that is all about games and gaming merchandise?

Well it exists now.

The whole point of Taymai (Tell all Your Mates About It) is to encourage everyone to talk about what they love in games and gaming whether that be the development of the games themselves, playing them, or buying the merchandise that goes with them. Anything like this certainly gets our vote.

They rightly state, “The World is experiencing a multi generational gaming revolution where merchandise is becoming a major part of the experience. We want Taymai Community to be where you join in and engage with us and each other.”. We agree.

Whatever part of gaming you’re involved in, a player or a coder, Taymai is somewhere you can connect with others and easily share game related information both via Public Forums and Industry Related Groups – If there’s something they’ve missed you can even set up and run your own groups within Taymai – Tell All Your Mates About It.

Membership is FREE and always will be. There are no catches, if you’re into Gaming why wouldn’t you TAYMAI?

They will also have a limited edition merchandise store which will team up with game developers to see quality product like plush developed to a high standard for their brands.

The first of is the officially licensed Hungry Shark plush which is available now as an exclusive limited edition product.



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