Circuit of the Americas now Live in Simraceway. Get ready to race in build up to F1 2012 event..

1 10 2012

Race your McLaren F1 now in Simraceway

Race Circuit of the Americas now in Simraceway – Use the latest McLaren F1 car to fully immerse yourself in this great track

For many, the thrill of driving any race track is exciting, but to have the chance to race at one which has not yet been raced on in real life is naturally doubly exciting.

So, here is one you should enjoy.

AT New Media has been working with Ignite Game Technologies on the licensing of multiple tracks for the Simraceway project, and we are pleased to highlight the arrival of the long awaited Circuit of the Americas track.

For a long time, this was an event under threat of removal from this year’s Formula One calendar, but they have not only completed it in real life, it is now available to race in Simraceway.

Engage now to win a VIP trip to Austin and enjoy the real event yourself.

This is a track that has caught the imagination of many for its speed and fast turns, so why not race it now and join the fun at Simraceway.

Don’t forget there are many more tracks to drive and events to engage in within the Simraceway environment which is continuing to blur the lines between real and virtual racing.

if you have not yet seen all the elements of this project coming together. you should take a look.

From the game to the track, the steering wheel, to the Performance Driving Center, you will really enjoy the experience.

If you are interested in hearing about how AT New Media can help your game or gaming experience enhance its connections with real world brands under license, you should contact us.

Whether it is social games, apps, casual, casino, or anything else, if you Think Gaming, Think AT New Media.



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