Taymai brings the Games and Gaming Merchandise World to life. “Tell All Your Mates About It”.

21 09 2012

Hungry Shark licensee Battle Ant launches online community 

Tell All Your Mates About It, aka Taymai will highlight all things great in Gaming and Gaming Merchandise. Click image to see more of the social media promotion

Designed to celebrate gaming and gaming merchandise, Taymai (Tell All Your Mates About It) offers consumers access to a community discussion forum for gamers and developers as well as selling limited edition products based on some of the hottest digital brands.

The reason for the project….

“We are now seeing an evolution of the gaming sector where merchandise goes hand-in-hand with the playing experience, so we wanted to develop an online community that celebrates this. “This is exactly what Taymai does–it is a focal point for both gamers and developers alike to shout about games and merchandise and also allows us to provide a route to market for fantastic new products such as the Hungry Shark plush.”

The project site includes an online shop which over time will be stocked with limited edition products developed in partnership with game developers. This has already started with a new limited edition plush line based on the Future Games of London mobile game, “Hungry Shark.”

The plush will be continually promoted on and offline, specifically in the build up to and during the release of Hungry Shark Evolution which is due out in early October.

You can check out the limited edition Great White Shark plush for Hungry Shark by visiting http://hungryshark.taymai.com/



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