Ford feature their initial cars that are now available for racing in Simraceway

4 09 2012

Nice Awareness for both parties. Drive and Race great Ford Vehicles now. 

Race the Boss now in Simraceway. Click image to see promotion directly in the Ford Consumer Goods Marketplace

Simraceway and Ford have begun to evolve their commercial connections with respect to the marketing of vehicles that are available to drive and race within the Simraceway environment.

As the Simraceway project continues to evolve over the coming months and years you will begin to see more of this occurring.

With hundreds of vehicles now licensed, AT New Media are proud to be involved in such an exciting project.

We will continue to feature as much information as we can on this project, but if you want to know more on a regular basis you need to either join in or follow Simraceway on Facebook.

You can do that by clicking…



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