WORMS is coming to Facebook. Fantastically exciting news. Enhances longevity of the brand.

7 08 2012

Worms™ on Facebook is just around the corner….

Worms is coming to Facebook. Official

Team 17 announced yesterday that the Worms™ Facebook game closed beta is now OPEN for registrations!

For those that are interested, access to the beta is a two stage process.

First go to http://apps.facebook.com/playworms/ where you’ll be asked to enter your details and fill in a short questionnaire.

Secondly wait for the email telling you that you’ve been selected.

More and more players will be added every day so even if you’re not selected immediately it shouldn’t be too long before you can enter the battle.

Players should also remember that the game is still in beta and as a result is subject to changes, tweeks, down-time and all that good stuff.

This is great news for the continued development of the WORMS™ franchise and we hope more merchandise licensees and retailers will be excited enough by this new development to sign up with us.

Simon Kay, CEO of AT New Media, said on the breaking of this news; “The traditional boxed game market suffered a further decline recently so any game brand that has been a consistent performer on all digital and online platforms has an increasing chance of success in the merchandise marker and WORMS™ will continue to evolve.”



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