Worms™ Open Warfare – Thanks for the Feedback…

26 06 2012

Yes, Worms™ appeals to Girls as well…

It is with great pleasure we can share some feedback from one of the Worms™ fans out there, and what might intrigue some of you in the licensing world is that the feedback is from a 13 year old girl fan…

Yes, Sarah Walton wrote to us and said…

“Dear Sir,

In your article in “Licensing Today Worldwide” (May 2012) you mentioned that the game “worms open warfare” has a huge appeal to boys, but many of my friends really enjoy the game too, and they are all girls. I would prefer this game to one with gladiators and things like that, because it is actually humorous and we recognise the human wars like “World War I”, “World War II”, “Cold War” or “Desert War”. Many girls also like “turn-based strategy” and many other features of this game.

Please do not change the game specifically to suit us, but target children, rather than just boys.”

We would like to thank Sarah, not only for reading the Licensing industry press but for taking the time to write to us as we look to build the merchandising program for this great game. We wish her and her friends well.



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