Latest Worms™ 2: Armageddon Update Leads To Fan Euphoria!

18 06 2012

Worms™ 2: Armageddon blasts to the top of charts (strategy)

Worms™ 2: Armageddon has blasted to the top of charts across the world after the latest update for iOS added the fans’ most requested feature – asynchronous play!

This means players can now take a turn-based approach to games without the hindrance of a time limit – allowing them to play at their leisure against up to 16 opponents at a time. The response from Wormsfans has been nothing short of sensational – the title has shot to the No.1 slot in the Apple chart’s ‘Turn-Based Games’ category in no less than 111 countries and made at least the top 6 in all remaining territories!

The innovation comes hot on the heels of a multi-featured update for the game that allows access to leaderboards and friend support via the Game Centre, as well as a special in-app purchase – the Golden Donkey – that for a price of 69p can be used as a level skip. The donkey has unlimited uses, but needs an hour to ‘recharge’ after each use. Dynamic ads also feature that provide licensees with the perfect vehicle to promote merchandise lines directly to the huge Worms™ fanbase.

There is plenty more Worms related excitement to come in 2012 and fans are waiting with baited breath for new game Worms™ Revolution, which is due to be released across multiple formats in September, whilst another big development is set to be announced soon.

AT New Media is using the huge profile of theWormsbrand to sign up an ever-increasing list of partners to a programme that currently includes IGS (GameOn®) for collectible plush and plush keyrings, FashionUKfor apparel, Bioworld for apparel and accessories, and GB Posters. The property’s retail presence is set to be bolstered by the launch of Worms™ resin figures and squeezies in Q3, whilst other new lines set for release this year include bags, mugs and other accessories.

“Team 17 have very much responded to consumer demand with the introduction of asynchronous play, but no one was expecting the sheer level of excitement this latest update has caused in Wormsfans,” says Simon Kay of AT New Media. “Sales have gone through the roof and this is further evidence of the massive levels of demand that exist for anything related to this sensational property!”



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