Worms™ Merchandise Licensing Evolves

23 05 2012

New WORMS™ merchandising program Update 

Download a PDF update here 

Not only does this cover the games it also covers the current foundation of the merchandising program on to which we are looking to bring in new partners as we go through 2012 and in to 2013.

It also highlights the great new Dynamic Ads feature on iOS which has been added and which enables seamless promotion of the merchandising program. More products and initiatives are set to be announced in 2012 and 2013 as we look to build this project there’s more info on new app features here:


Finally, some key elements of WORMS™ which are relevant to your market:

  • Hugely Collectible
  • Major Customisation in game
  • Turn based strategy so fantastic for role play
  • Longevity with new characters and attributes developed constantly.
  • Humour and Parody run throughout the games


  • The Worms™ brand has sold more video-game units, year on year, for the last 3 years than ever before.
  • Team17’s official Facebook Worms™ page has approximately 850,000 fans, and is growing rapidly – http://www.facebook.com/WormsTeam17
  • The Worms™ brand continues to innovate and grow, with major future games releases planned on the mobile stores, Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation® Network, PC, MSN and also onto online social networking platforms.
  • The Worms™ brand offers excellent licensing opportunities as it has enduring appeal over 15 years, is seen as a true legend of gaming brands, has won numerous awards, and often features in “Best Video-games of all time” polls and articles.
  • The Worms™ brand has strong generational appeal and also parental approval and recognition – parents who played the game in the 1990s now have children playing the current versions on their smart-phones and other devices.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the Incoming merchandise for WORMS™ and how you can get involved.



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