More Appy News Announced For Worms™

10 04 2012

Following on from the recent release of the new Worms™ Revolution game, merchandise specialist AT New Media – licensing agent on behalf of Team 17 for Wormsmerchandise – has announced that a new Worms™ 2: Armageddon update has just been released through Apple’s iOS platform that offers a host of innovative features.

Worms is the hugely successful, award-winning video game franchise that boasts millions of fans and players worldwide. Since the first incarnation of the hilarious strategy game was unleashed onto the video-gaming world in 1995, the wriggling warriors have appeared on over 20 gaming platforms and an ever-increasing number of titles has led to sales of approximately 30 million retail copies to date. The Worms brand has also been at the forefront of modern distribution trends and has recorded sales in excess of 13 million on mobile phone handsets (Worms™ for iPhone on the Apple AppStore has seen the game achieve number 1 in over 40 countries, and the ‘top 5 games’ chart position in over 70 countries), as well as enjoying huge success on the new digital video-game platforms.

The new Worms™ 2: Armageddon update features access to leaderboards and friend support via the Game Centre, as well as a special in-app purchase – the Golden Donkey – that for a price of 69p can be used as a level skip. The donkey has unlimited uses, but needs an hour to ‘recharge’ after each use. Dynamic ads also feature that are constantly generated and will be used to publicise new releases as well as providing licensees with the perfect vehicle to promote merchandise lines directly to the huge Worms™ fanbase.

This is just the latest release in an ever-expanding range of new content from developer Team 17 and with the game’s original creator back on board there is sure to be plenty more treats in store for fans.

In the licensing world, AT New Media has tapped into the ongoing popularity of Worms™ through a programme with a long tail strategy that currently features IGS (GameOn®) for collectible plush and plush keyrings,Gayafor Squeezies, FashionUKfor apparel, Bioworld for apparel and accessories, and GB Posters. New lines set for launch this year include collectible resin figures and dioramas, as well as bags, mugs, and other accessories.

“This update not only offers gamers a range of exciting features but also provides a fantastic vehicle for advertising,” says Simon Kay of AT New Media. “It is this type of release that makes Worms™ a licensing dream in that it’s a hugely popular digital brand that is constantly revitalised through new content.”

AT New Media is currently looking for new collectibles and customisation partners to add to the range of merchandising initiatives. Please contact us if you are interested



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