Alligator Creative Play goes Live with Me to You Colour and Sticker Fun!

22 02 2012

First iPad App is Live under Alligator Creative Play Apps brand….

Me to You: Colour and Sticker Fun! (Click image to left to go to iPad App)..

The lovable Tatty Teddy compliments the perfect app for budding artists!

Use fingertip crayons to colour in beautifully detailed pictures of the adorable grey bear with the blue nose. When you’re happy with your colouring in (and there’s a rubber just in case!) slide the Sticker Maker and hey presto a unique Me to You sticker for your collection!

27 unique sticker outlines and 4 gorgeous backdrops & all the colours – including the rainbow!

Continue the fun by sticking your sticker masterpieces with stickers that never lose their stickiness!

Simple to use, easy to colour, fun to stick and perfect for kids!

The link to the App Store is:!/id503516303?ls=1&mt=8

If you want to know more about the project to develop the Alligator Creative Play Apps identity, Neil Rodol, Commercial Director of Alligator Books, talks about the project here:

Why not follow Alligator Creative Play on Facebook to keep in touch with developing project and future releases as they hit the market:

If you want to follow Alligator Creative Play on Twitter you can do so here: @AlligatorPlay

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