New WORMS™ Squeezie Keyrings and Figures Sneaky Peak

21 02 2012

Exciting new WORMS™ products in development. Coming soon….

Check out these fantastic work in progress images of the Squeezie keyrings and figures. Yes, the eyes will be added. 

We are very excited about the continued evolution of the WORMS™ merchandising program and these Squeezies form another part of the 2012 release program.


This is a long tail strategy but one with a fantastic foundation which will continue to grow in line with numerous announcements in 2012 and beyond.

You can see some of the reaction from the WORMS™ fans by clicking any of the images which will take you to the Facebook fan page.


Why not go there now and assist grow the committed fan base to over 800,000.

Further announcements on new and developing initiatives will be made in the coming months along with exciting new game developments from Team 17 themselves.

Contact Simon Kay via if you are interested in licensing opportunities with WORMS™




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