Simraceway Open Beta ramps up over Holiday Period

11 01 2012

Some great cars available to race in growing online racing environment

We are excited to announce that some of the vehicles licensed for use in Simraceway with the assistance of AT New Media are now available to race.

There are hundreds of vehicles now licensed for release within Simraceway and just a few of those released over the Christmas period should whet your appetite for online racing.

Check out the images of the BMW Z4, Alfa 8C, Dodge Viper ACRX, and Lola F3 for examples of recent vehicle releases all of which are available for purchase now in Simraceway… Just four of the releases over the Festive Period.

If you want to see the fans in action, commenting on the project and the excitement it is creating why not join the Facebook Fan Page where the regular discussions are covered by over 250,000 fans.

Oh yes, if you have not “liked” Simraceway on Facebook, you will have missed the first image of the “Race Truck” which will be touring major sporting events soon and bringing the Simraceway experience to the masses. Check out the initial image that has been released.

Watch this space and naturally the Facebook fan page for Simraceway for regular updates.

If you have not joined the Racing excitement at Simraceway yet, go to




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