AT New Media Announces First UK Gummy Bear Apparel Deal!

28 09 2011

Fantastic news for the musical bear with over 1 Billion views…

Digital licensing specialist AT New Media, licensing agent for the smash-hit internet phenomenon Gummy Bear, has announced details of a new agreement with Fashion UK that will see the company launch a fantastic range of Gummy Bear branded apparel onto the UK market.

Gummy Bear (aka Gummibär) is the all-singing, all-dancing icon that has been one of the standout digital hits of recent years. The multi-lingual crooner can sing in eleven different languages and this has led to a monumental international following, making him a huge superstar on the Web, with fans watching Gummy Bear content through sites such as YouTube and MySpace and via a dedicated web presence at Breakthrough hit The Gummy Bear Song has been downloaded an astonishing one billion times and Gummy Bear videos are a constant presence in the top 10 of the iTunes Dance Music Video Chart.

The brand is already well established in southern, central and eastern Europe, where licensed merchandise is flying off the shelves, and the property enjoys considerable success in the promotional sector, with companies such as Turkish telephone giant BN Telecom, Greek food manufacturer Ifantis and McDonald’s in Germany all having seen huge increases in sales through associating with Gummy Bear.

AT New Media is looking to capitalise on the property’s huge popularity in theUKand the new agreement represents the first Gummy Bear apparel deal in this country. Fashion UK will develop a range of branded products that is set to include a hooded top featuring the famous Gummy Bear ears.

It is also hoped it will link in to the promotion of the new Just Dance Kids video game which uses the Gummybear song not only within its portfolio of tracks, but in media promotion of the game.

Gurdev Mattu, Managing Director of Fashion UK said…” With a one billion viewing figure , who wouldn’t want to be involved with Gummy Bear!”

“We are delighted to have signed the firstUKapparel deal for Gummy Bear – the brand is a massive hit with kids and bringing Fashion UK on board represents the first step in translating this popularity into new merchandising success. It is fantastic to have a licensee that has recognised the significance of internet viewership as a key benchmark for new merchandise license acquisitions” says Simon Kay of AT Media

Why not come and see AT New Media at Brand Licensing in London in October to discuss how you can move with Gummybear aka Gummibar….



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