What a Summer for WORMS™! Great roster of Game announcements…

7 09 2011

A vast array of WORMS™ Game Launches and Announcements have been “Incoming” throughout the Summer of 2011

We thought we would take this opportunity to update you on all the recent announcements from Team 17 on the hilarious WORMS™ game franchise during the Summer of 2011.

We are sure you will find the following announcements of interest.

WormsReloaded – PC – New DLC packs released on Steam on 30th June:

  • Worms™ Reloaded DLC – x4 paid new DLC packs launched on 30 July:
    • Worms™ Reloaded DLC – Puzzle Pack
    • Worms™ Reloaded DLC – Forts Pack
    • Worms™ Reloaded DLC – Time Attack Pack
    • Worms™ Reloaded DLC – Retro Pack
Worms™ Reloaded – PC – Best Strategy game 2011:
  • Worms™ Reloaded was voted “Best European Strategy Game” at the recent European Games Awards.
Worms™ Special Edition – Mac – released on Thursday 7th July 2011:

  • Worms™ Special Edition, a standalone Mac version of Worms™ Reloaded, was released on the Apple Mac Store and the Mac Game Store on Thursday 7thJuly.

Worms™ Ultimate Mayhem – PS3, Xbox 360 and PC – Announced on 27th July 2011

Click for Further Brand Information

  • Thursday 11thAugust – First promotional video released exclusively to the Worms™ Facebook group
  • Tuesday 6th September – Second promotional video (“3D Destruction”) released exclusively to the Worms Facebook group

Worms Crazy Golf – PS3, PC and iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – formally announced on 15th August 2011 to games media:Click Image for WORMS Facebook Page

  • Friday 26th August 2011 – First gameplay trailer for Worms Crazy Golf released

Worms™ 2: Armageddon – PS3 and Xbox 360 – DLC content releases:

  • x2 PlayStation3 DLC packs (the “Puzzle Pack” and the “Forts Pack”) were released on the PlayStation Stores on 9th/10th August 2011.
  • x2 further PlayStation3 DLC packs (the “Time Attack” and the “Retro Pack”) were released on the PlayStation Stores on 23rd/24th August 2011.
  • Xbox LIVE Arcade:
    • The “Puzzle Pack” DLC pack was released on Weds 24th August 2011
    • The  “Forts Pack” DLC pack was released on Weds 31st August 2011
    • The “Time Attack” DLC pack was released on Weds 7th September 2011.

Also, don’t forget, you can download some of the fantastic hilarious sounds from the many character and accessories

Download the Sounds of WORMS.

prevalent in the games by going to iTunes now and downloading the official Soundboard. Lots of fun.

Well, what can you say to that… AT New Media is proud to be the exclusive licensing agency for WORMS and we will be making additional merchandising announcements shortly.

If you are interested in the merchandising opportunities offered by this great gaming brand, please contact us.

REMEMBER – All the above have been covered fantastically on the WORMS™ Official Facebook Fan Page. All the Videos and Promotions are constantly there and updated regularly. A brilliant source of information for all you interested merchandise licensees. 




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